Posted June 17, 2013 at 05:52 pm

Image links to a playlist of select songs on youtube

Like many of these groups, Pendulum has contributed a chapter title to Kiwi Blitz. In this case, it was The Vulture for Track 9.
As I mentioned back then, Pendulum is my favorite band. Their songs are full of so much energy, and they all mesh together well without being repetitive or boring. I'm constantly changing which song I consider my "Favorite", because there's just so many amazing ones!

Pendulum came out with three albums while they were together:
The first, Hold Your Colour is my favorite and probably their most solid. Hold your Colour, Through the Loop, Sounds of Life, Tarantula... They're all grade A as far as I'm concerned. I can loop this album for hours and never get tired of it.

Their second album, In Silico, is probably my least favorite, but still has a lot of really great songs like Propane Nightmares and Showdown. It just doesn't have quite as many memorable tracks as the other two.

But they brought it back with Immersion, their third and final album. Immersion starts to move closer to dubstep in some places, but songs like Witchcraft and Watercolour bring back the sound that made HYC so impactful.

Bonus note, I consider the single Blood Sugar to be Gear's theme song. Don't ask me why the guy put a picture of Haruhi up on that post.

Unfortunately, the band reformed as a dubstep group called Knife Party. I do love dubstep, but I feel like their newer music just doesn't have quite the same impact as their D&B work. But it's still solid stuff that I'll continue to keep up with, and meanwhile I'll be forever loopin' their older songs.