Steffi Frohlich
The main character of this particular tale! She's the daughter of a rich industrialist and never seen without her headphones. She thinks she makes quite the hero, but reality is a bit different from her expectations.
Steffi's alternate identity as a vigilante. She usually rides around in her kiwi bird mech, but recently she also obtained powered body armor. People have guessed her true identity by this point, partially thanks to her ridiculous hair.
Benzene Contractor
Steffi's childhood friend who recently upgraded to boyfriend status. He doesn't exactly approve of Steffi's vigilante shenanigans, but whatchagonnado. Is decently proficient with both martial arts and guns due to being a huge nerd for both.
An illegal Japanese robot, sent to Steffi's father by an old friend. Her true level of sentience is up for debate, but she's definitely quite advanced. If only she'd stop smiling so much...
Heinrich Frohlich
Steffi's father and serial enabler. There's two things Heinrich loves; his daughter, and building things. Steffi's newfound vigilante hobby happened to be the perfect combination of both. Luckily, he's rich enough to afford such bad ideas.
The Raccoon / Chandra Makisig
A costumed thief that flies around New York's rooftops with the help of her powered grappling gauntlet. Is assumed by most citizens to be a boy. Thanks to Steffi's prodding, they now have a weird friendship going on.
Gear is some kind of cyborg villain asshole girl. Armed with powerful prosthetics on her left side, she's made a couple attempts to kill Blitz, along with various bystanders. Still not quite sure what's up with that.
POLICE Members
Reed Bahia
Reed is a member of the NYPD, and the son of its chief. He thinks Blitz comes from the right place and trusts her more than his comrades would like. He recently lost his right arm in an encounter with Gear.
Chief Bahia
Reed's dad and the NYPD chief of police. Reed's association with Blitz has strained their relationship somewhat, though it's hard to say how close they were to begin with. The chief is a busy guy, after all.
Reed's partner in the police force. She isn't as approving of Blitz's actions as Reed, and isn't afraid to let him know it. It's possible that no one on the police force knows her full name.
ALTER Members
Celesta Jones (aka Cebus)
Used to pretend to be a cop, before revealing herself as a double agent. With Hircus arrested, she's become Alter's defacto leader. Kind of a huge asshole, honestly.
Alter's proper leader. Not a lot is known about him. He got arrested shortly after appearing, and thus loses points for being a really shitty Boss Battle.
Some kind of tiger lady. She seems to be cranky a lot, and tends to dress like a wannabe anime. Jones attacked her after a disagreement, and her current status is unknown.
Some kind of bull guy. He's big and hits things hard.  Doesn't talk much, though. Does he count as mysterious?