Posted October 13, 2012 at 04:11 am

Heya Guys,
As I mentioned in the post under today's comics, KB will be going on a short hiatus as I leave to spend a week in Chicago (graduation trip with my family!)

I hate to take any time off, but I simply haven't had time to work ahead! That being said, the week after this I may be updating with random bonus content as I finally DO work ahead in order to have a buffer for once. I think with the Trenches and other things going on, it's become imperative that I finally get some pages in the can so I'm not always up at ridiculous hours of the night and updating on the same.

The Trenches will still be updating while I am gone, so don't forget to check there Tuesday and Thursday!

Also, if I do take that time in a week for bonus content: What would you like to see? Any particular questions you've been interested in having answered in comics form, or what-if scenarios you've been curious about? If I'm gonna be sketching up some random filler like a doof, we might as well make it intriguing!

Huge apologies for the delay in updates, but I hope to come back swinging with a chapter that I'm very excited to draw >:)