Posted May 15, 2011 at 01:46 am

SO! If you've been on the site much lately, you probably noticed (and maybe voted on) the poll about what gender ya are.
I gotta say, the results really surprised me!

I always assumed more girls would read my comic, for a few reasons. But apparently the guys outnumber the gals by more than 2 to 1! Which has really got me thinking about this whole topic of gender demographics and whatnot.

In general, I've always thought of KB as being kinda gender-neutral. It's action-oriented and involves mechs and robutts, but it's also ridiculously colorful and cutesy and stars slightly more female characters. I always assumed that it would naturally draw more girls due to the latter elements, and just 'cause I'm a girl and will subconsciously hit on some... girly elements? Heck, any time I ask someone who read the comment what they think, the response is almost always "It's so cute!" This is not generally a hallmark of male-centric comics!

Well, except in some Japanese comics, where moe is a thing. I'm actually starting to wonder if this dynamic is catching on among American males, but I couldn't even begin to guess at that kind of cultural shift. Also, if you feel like you want to be Steffi's dad then you are crazy (much like Steffi's dad).

This is actually something I'd like to hear about from you guys. If you're a guy, what drew you to KB and/or keeps you reading? Same if you're a girl! And "everything" doesn't count, though I appreciate the kisskiss. ;< Did you make any initial assumptions based on the art style that changed or dissolved when you read the comic itself?

Note that this is all a matter of curious speculation, and probably won't change much about how I draw the comic. It'll actually be interesting to see if the demographic shifts a few years down the line! Perhaps the slightly darker parts later on will draw men, but the introduction of at least a little romance might get some more girls? WHO KNOWS! But as long as people keep reading, you know I'll keep drawing whatever my manly mind finds cool!
Posted May 6, 2011 at 03:09 am
It's true! If you look over to the right, you'll see a button to donate to KB. The author of KB that is. Which is me, incompetent college student Mary Cagle!
It'll let you put any amount in, but a dollar is just fine! Once the transaction is complete, it'll take you to a page containing the wallpaper and metaphorical hugs.

This time it's a Pokemon-related one (as readers suggested during a livestream), but I'd love to do more of various themes if this one goes okay! So if you'd like to see a specific piece of art, just comment here with your suggestion. I know I'd like to do Magical Girl Steffi at some point! ;<

I've never asked for donations until now, for a couple reasons. One is that I was worried I couldn't offer anything worth a dollar (which is kinda silly I know! It's only a dollar, Cube!), and the other is my constant fear that I'll put work out there that nobody will be interested in. I gotta say, that fear stifles a lot of initiatives on my part!
But you guys have been super supportive of the comic with the books and just your comments in general, and I can't tell you how much it means to me. I honestly was incredibly relieved when so many of you preordered Volume 1! I really earnestly hope that I can make my living at this someday, and you guys are helping me inch my way towards that goal! So whether you donate or not, I love ya to bits.

C'mere so I can give you a big ol' hug!
Posted April 18, 2011 at 01:21 am
Heya guys! First off, I'm feeling much better after sleeping the weekend away. Thank you for all the well-wishes!
While bellyaches may have been my biggest problem this weekend, there's something else that's been bothering me that I really feel like posting about.

As many of you know, I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design here in Georgia. I'm in a major called Sequential Art, which is basically comics. A lot of people ask me what I think of the school and my time here, usually in the interest of maybe attending themselves. It's hard for me to give advice in this arena, since the experience people have here is so varied. But I feel like the conundrum I've been having lately is a good look at what it's like to attend college for something as weird as comics.

Right now I'm in a class called Visual Storytelling I (VIS1 for short). The basic idea of the class is to draw a shitton of pages in a small amount of time. Well, it's obviously more complex than that, but that's what everyone gets out of it.
It's a simple idea; comic artists need to be able to work fast, so we'll make them practice working fast! However, the problem comes in when you consider that you have up to three of these classes at a time, all which teachers who have this idea. At the same time, you're always encouraged to keep up your own projects, since that is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR SUCCESS as they remind you. Which is true, and is why I hate that I can't update KB more during school.

Because you know what? KB does much more good for me than any school assignment. Yes, VIS 1 is hard. I'm drawing fast. But I'm not learning to SUCCEED at drawing fast. I'm churning out shit that I'm not happy with and getting an appropriately mediocre payout. And you know what I realized? This is a more extreme example of everything I've taken since intro. SEQA assginment are often strangely specific (like that Environments assignment with the WW2 plane and the corgi that I posted and confused everyone with), and teachers will actually discourage you from including them in your portfolio since everyone's seen them. Not that I have a conundrum with that; nothing I've produced in my classes would ever be considered portfolio-worthy by me.

This whole thing highlights an essential problem with teaching something like comics in an academic setting; the lack of specialization to individual students really brings it down. Teachers have to give generic assignments and generic critiques because 90% of the students will never have enough skill to do this as a living. They have to push us to our breaking point with deadlines because most students won't do so on their own. In short, they have to treat us all like idiots who won't do anything better with our time than play videogames if they don't fill it with assignments. I don't envy them the job of trying to balance these extremes. How do you encourage kids to do their own work while making sure not to give them time to goof off? It's a really shitty paradox, and I understand that it can't be fun to try to ride that line. But I think the kids who really ARE self driven, who DO have useful things to do with their time, really suffer from this.

So what IS the point of art college? Critiques are a big part, right?
But when I turn in this six-page assignment penciling from an old script that I'm working on right now, I know exactly what the problems will be. The backgrounds are weak, the execution is mediocre, blah blah. OF COURSE IT IS! I was trying to give some of these sleepless nights to my other classes as well!
...The result is that not only does each class receive mediocre work, but KB's quality and frequency suffers as well.

So as one might wonder, is there a solution? I'm currently considering dropping this particular class, doing some of the assignments while I have time, then turning them in after I re-sign-up for it online after I move out. (It's a required class for both the on and offline majors) Gonna go talk to the teacher about this possibility Tuesday. We'll see if he tries to convince me to stick around and push through the class for the purposes of... great success. After all, it's just 7 more weeks. But the more time I spend here, the more time I feel like I'm losing before I have to go get my "day job" and drawing becomes something I do before I conk out back at home. I'm too young to feel this old, yo!

Anyway, sorry for the super personal and ranty post. I just really wanted to get these thoughts out somewhere before they drove me nuts! I promise this won't be a regular thing.

...Jesus that post was long!
Posted March 11, 2011 at 02:59 pm
EDIT: All orders have now shipped!

Hey guys!

I've got the books, and I've started drawing and shipping artist editions! Between finals and going home for spring break, it's gonna be slow going for a couple weeks. But I'll do my best to get them done at a good pace.
If you'd like to see some of the things I'm drawing in people's artist editions, I'm updating My Tumblr with those! So feel free to follow it, or favorite it, or watch it, or whatever it is you do with Tumblrs.
Posted March 9, 2011 at 11:55 pm
And once again, I went on a trip and forgot to take any good pictures! But that won't stop me from talking about it.

Emerald City Comic Con was really great! I got to meet a lot of people, see some old friends, do some networking, sell some books, and overall have a bitchin' time.

Naturally I did a lot of hanging out with the Halfpixel guys, both at and after the con. Scott is seriously my big bro, and the other guys were all great as always. I was constantly reminded of how lucky and serendipitous it is that I get to know and chill with these dudes. Thanks for letting me hang at your booth and making me feel welcome!

Lots of other people were also there! As the picture shows, KC Green was boothing across from us, along with the rest of the Topatoco crew. KC was the first person to buy a book from me at the con! I hope he doesn't regret said purchase!!

Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak is also off to the side of that photo. I drew him a fanart like a big ol' fandork because his art is effing amazing. He drew me a sketch of Kim in return 'cause he is quite the dapper gentleman!

I also got to meet Magnolia Porter and Kel McDonald for the first time in person, but I didn't spend as much time with them as I wanted to! Luckily I'll be seeing Kel again for Anime Expo in July (Which, by the way, is the next con I'll be exhibiting at!)

I also ran around showing my coloring portfolio to some editors, who all had really positive comments and useful critiques for me. I definitely have some people to email and new portfolio pieces to prepare now!

I even sold out of the books I brought to the con! Surprisingly, everyone who had a character request wanted 42 in their book. Thanks to everyone who came and got a book, or just said hi! It's always great to meet readers IRL.
There were also a lot of kids who wandered over and flipped through it 'cause of the colorful colors. A few parents bought books for their kids; I did my best to warn them about the use of certain mostly-German cusswords.

Coincidentally, the head of my school's SEQA (aka comics, the major I'm in) department was also there! We talked about different things and I got to know him a bit better, which was really cool! It looks like SCAD might be buying a booth next year, which he said I'd be able to exhibit at. That'd be quite a savings, so I hope that works out. Otherwise, I'm definitely buying an artist alley table 'cause I can't NOT go back!

Anyway, just wanted to keep you guys posted on that front. On the art front, I've got some concept art for a pitch project up at my dA gallery if you're interested in that kinda thing!

The coming couple weeks are rife with finals, commissions, and artist editions (as soon as those books get here agh), so things are pretty nuts! But I FEEL STRONG AND EVERYTHING'S AWESOME!!!

Posted March 8, 2011 at 04:47 pm

EDIT: Reformatted as a blog post
Phewww and we thought I wouldn't have one today!

Meanwhile, in the land of truth:
I printed out one of those deviantart expression memes a while ago so that I might finally finish one. So this is formatted the way it is 'cause it's an 11x17 thing I scanned in. I also ended up using it as toning practice since I needed more of that!
Posted March 2, 2011 at 08:11 pm
SO! Wondering where you might find me at...

It could barely be easier to find me, really. I'll be hanging out with Scott at the Halfpixel booth most of the time. I made a map for your convenience! (click to enlarge)

I won't be actively soliciting my books, but I will have them in my backpack if you'd like to buy one! Just ask me and I'll do a sketch in it for ya and such. Even if you're not interested in buying one, please stop by and say hello! I've only done one small con so far, but even then I met some really cool and enthusiastic fans and it was great.

Meanwhile, how's about that drawing blog thing? This time I've got some school assignments for you, from my Environments, Props, 'n' Structures class. I refuse to explain these! But they are all rushed in their own way and I apologize Mr. Professor.

(The first 2 are from one project, the next 4 are from another)
Posted February 26, 2011 at 06:15 pm

Al Po
Y. Steffi #1
Ro Un
Co Br
Fu Li
Y. StefBen
Le-An Re
Young Steffi
Pa La
Cr C St
Ly Wa
Ca Fi
Ke Da
No Mi
As Ba
Rac. Sammich
Dan Sa
Gr Li
Gear Ca.Da.
Sa Ly
Pa ei
Ben Armor
Dav Sa
Cool Thing
Je Cu
Ol Sc
De Co
Ni Ve
Sc O'G
Ch Ka
Ma El
Ji Za
Wi Wi
Winston Relax
Ko Wo
Je An
Si Wo
Se Ca
Rac. StrClo
Co Hi
St Te
Al St
Ch Hi
Ro J Ke
Ja Ol
Corgi Pile
Ky Bi
Ro V d Mo
Y. Steffi BS
Tr Gr
Br Pe
An Ne
Jo Pe
Te Ha
Ki Ca
Pa Co
Jo Fr
Fr Tu
Dan Sato
The Best

Heya guys! I thought I'd put together a list of everyone who preordered, so you can check where you are in the line and whether I got your requests correct. (Sorry for the vague wording on those, but I figure people will know what they mean for their own orders.) If you have any questions or I got anything wrong, please email me any time!

On the progress of the books themselves:
I got the proof and first 20 copies of the book I ordered for Emerald City, and they look great! I'm currently awaiting the main shipment I ordered from Createspace of 60 books. They'll probably arrive while I'm at ECCC, so I'll be starting to draw in them once I get back. I plan to have them all done by the end of spring break at latest, which is March 20ish. I'll be updating the list as I complete and ship orders (which I'll probably do each Friday as there's lines to wait in and customs forms to fill out.)

And if you happen to be GOING to ECCC, I'll have some books there! So if you'd like to buy one there, stop by and I'll sketch in it for ya : ) I'll be sitting with Scott at booth 102 most of the time; just look for the girl with the newsboy cap and the deer-in-the-headlights expression!

...It's just now sinking in how long these will probably take me to complete XD But I'll do my best to get them out ASAP once I get started! What a wonderful "problem" to have, and I thank you guys so much for the support! Between this, the recent Artist Forum thing at SCAD, and my upcoming trip to Emerald City, I'm feeling like the future maybe isn't so terrifying after all!
Posted February 23, 2011 at 10:31 pm
Hey guys! FIRST OFF, LAST DAY FOR PREORDERS! Still waiting on the second Proof, but it should hopefully be here today or tomorrow.
Now then!

Cube here with another draw blo-

What the- OH GOD


Posted February 17, 2011 at 07:01 am

Whoa whoa what's this? Well I guess it's kinda obvious what it is! It's the proof!
I recorded my thoughts on it in this Video if you didn't happen to see the tweet.
I've since gone through and corrected the colors and text and added the bonus material. I hope to have the new proof early next week, in which case I can maybe get the copies in time for ECCC still!

I also tried drawing something in the style I plan to do for AEs on the inside cover, with toning and such. But I decided it would be better to have a blank page at the beginning for these, so I added one in. Haha check out that nonsense pose of laziness. What the heck was I thinkin'?

Speaking of the artist editions, Preorders will probably close in about a week when I get the second proof and (hopefully) can order the first batch of books.

Oh right this should be an art blog day, but I've been drawing a lot of stupid stuff for school that I don't wanna show yet so here's some dogs woof woof. One's a doberman and one's a cocker spaniel! I need to do some more of these because they are very fun :<

Drawing a bunch of cartoon dogs like this is one of those activities I always want to do but never get around to >:| But now I finally started it!?

And I'm not sure I should show you guys this yet, but it's a sprite for an iphone game I'm doing the art for! I'll show you guys more of this when it's done!

Posted February 10, 2011 at 12:14 am

It's time for the return of Cube's art blog, boop!
I'm Booply excited about it!

Here's some Bakemonogatari fanart I finished recently. I wanted to experiment a bit with hatching; I think the result is hit or miss. I really like how Senjougahara (the main girl) turned out though!

The series itself is definitely worth a look, if you like weird supernatural episodic anime. I really liked Kanbaru's story, especially the battle scene near the end. Nadeko's was super effing uncomfortable though and made me mad at the producers 'cause what the hell kind of show did you suddenly decide to make you are gross.

Meanwhile, here's an assignment for a class called "Environments, Props, and Structures." Basically, it's a class where you can't get out of drawing backgrounds :<

For instance, this assignment told us to draw a couple walking down Savannah's local river street in the rain, one holding an umbrella. Then the couple sees some sort of unusual shop, which one pulls the other into. I went with a weather shop, for the buyings of weathers.

This class's current assignment is the main reason I had to switch to one day a week, huzzah! You shall understand why when I post it :<

And just in case you don't happen to visit my deviantArt, here's a picture I drew of Steffi in the middle of my Digital Coloring class.

She's being uncharacteristically cutesy, boop!

Posted January 25, 2011 at 04:24 am


So yeah, school is being... school. AKA lotsa work and not lotsa sleep and a great amount of frustration. There'll be a page up on Thursday for sure, but I might have to go down to once a week depending on how the next weekend goes D:
KB is such a barometer for my life; I really hate when I can't keep it up responsibly >_< Which of course leads to more frustration which leads to sucking more at school work which leads to ohohoho cyclical fail.

Please take this wallpaper of 42 as consolation for my irresponsibility! She seems to be a very divisive character. Sorry to those of you who hate 'er! >.>
Posted December 9, 2010 at 05:42 pm
Okay this is a bit weird, but stick with me!

A good while ago, I was trying to think of things to do for possible donation incentives. I started a kind of commentary version of Track 5, akin to the commentary track on a DVD. The idea was that, if people were interested, I could release a commentary version after the completion of each track for a dollar. Thing is, I kinda gave up on the idea and never finished it until just now. But the latest episode of the Webcomics Weekly podcast got me thinking about stuff like this, so I went ahead and finished it up and zipped it for anyone interested to check it out. It's not much, but please tell me if it seemed like a worthwhile read and I may do these more often! XD

Just click on the image to get to the sendspace page, or click here to download.
Posted November 10, 2010 at 11:33 pm
Because I can't be stopped from bugging you with these!

First off, I finished inking this thing! We also had to watercolor them, but I got super frustrated and ended up faking it digitally. Luckily the teacher couldn't tell and I got an A huzzah!

And now May from Guilty Gear! Like Millia, this is a big ol' 11x17 drawing on bristol that I scanned and colored. I really like how this one came out!

I'm also experimenting more with Prismacolor pencils! I think I'm starting to get a better handle on them, but this one is definitely a bit too rough in places.

This's probably my favorite prismacolor experiment I've done, since it turned out surprisingly smooth! It's a random ol' drawing from February. The girl's nobody in particular, but the drawing was inspired by that song by the Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim. Body Movin'~ We be Body Movin~

Posted November 3, 2010 at 11:24 pm
First things first! I forgot to mention in the comic blog post that I put those KB posters up for sale. I'm also selling leftover K-On and Vocaloid prints from my dA journal, which you can email me if you're interested in. Order while supplies last?! (read: at any time probably)

Kicking off a new drawing blog post with Miss Millia Rage, of Guilty Gear. Drawn traditionally on 11x17 paper and colored digitally. I'm pretty proud of this one!

I'm not a huge fan of fighting games in general, but I love the look and feel of GG. The character designs and music are especially awesome. (Check out Millia's theme, for instance). Nothing like constant rock music and ridiculous anime graphics to draw me to a game! My favorite character is actually May, who I'm working on a picture of right now. Will probably be in the next blog :3

Work in progress on a school assignment! We were given three scenes to choose from to illustrate; I chose a scene involving two detectives looking over a corpse while a crowd gathers. Couldn't resist cameo time, so Reed and Cho have taken up jobs as detectives. ALTERNATE CONTINUITY!?

I've changed some details since scanning this and started inking it already. I'll post the finished version up next time!

Here's an assignment for Drawing for Sequential, a more realistic anatomy-related class taught by Tom Lyle (of Spider Man fame!). Not especially proud of this (I'm aware of the problems with leg lengths and head sizes, baw) but I wanted to show you guys a good reason for why I'm only updating KB once a week nowadays! DAMN THOSE BOOKS!

Aaaand rounding things off with a drawing of good ol' Raccoon. Which you can tell by the date was drawn a while ago and forgotten about.

I've got a lot of half-finished things in my folder, so I'm excited to show you guys some of them when they're finished next week! I hope some of you are enjoying these posts XD Seeya Tuesday for the next KB page!
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