Posted April 29, 2013 at 10:31 pm
I want to start a regular Monday blog post where I share some of the music that I love, because I've got SO MUCH music that I love and it demands to be shared!
It seemed reasonable to start with a soundtrack that Steffi was actually listening to back in Track 3 of the comic, as a bit of trivia!

Back in high school German class, we watched an interesting movie called Lola Rennt (called Run, Lola, Run in America). The movie is pretty great, and is basically about the butterfly effect and parallel realities.
But what really gripped me at the time was the music. The eponymous Lola spends almost the entire movie on the run, and the soundtrack matches the pace with driving techno. The lyrics are often more of a chant than singing, and... y'know what, I'm not very good at talking about music. It's just awesome.

Unfortunately, it seems impossible to buy the soundtrack digitally (though you can find old CDs on Amazon), so I just... went ahead and stuck the whole thing on Tindeck. For your earholes.

Track 9 is the one Steffi's listening to on that page, and is probably my favorite (though that's a tough call since I love the whole thing)