Posted October 12, 2010 at 01:26 am

First, schedule talk.
I have indeed decided to move KB to once a week for now, at least until the end of the quarter. (Which is technically in what, five weeks? TIME!) This week the new page will go up Thursday, but from next week on all pages will go up on Tuesday, with blog posts on Thursday. The posts will mostly contain stuff I'm drawing for fun and school and such, as well as other goings on if you're interested.

Speaking of goings on...!

Exp Con was AWESOME! Especially for my first con, things went great. I was able to make back the money I spent on the hotel and products, as well as some extra! More importantly, however, I met a surprising number of fans! There was, of course, the Raccoon cosplayer (shown above) who was incredibly adorable and cool! She even drew me a few pieces of fanart which were awesome. There was also a staffer that commissioned me to draw on the back of his badge while asking me questions about the intricacies of KB. I was really surprised how much people like it already! I guess a year and a half is technically a decent amount of time, but it feels like a tiny baby comic in a lot of respects. I was really touched by everyone who came by and gave me kind words! I was especially excited any time someone told me about friend(s) of theirs who were also fans. The implication of people talking to other people about my comics makes me giddy! Also a big thanks to my friend Tina, who sat by me through the whole con and helped out a ton. Someday I shall force her to exhibit herself!

My panel was lost at some point during schedule rearrangements, but that was totally fine with me 'cause I still got a special badge and a spot in the booklet yo. The pamphlet was pretty cool since they designed it to look like a game guide : ) The Miki cosplayer (who you can see on that top collage) was also awesome!

The most popular items were definitely the Pokemon minis and con commissions. I offered a free doodle of any pokemon on the back of the minis, and people seemed to really like them. Several passersby came over and said things like "Oh, YOU'RE the one who drew this comic! It's hilarious!" which made me gigglefest smiletimes. I'm really glad Kel of Sorcery 101 suggested bringing some.

The commissions were everything from original characters to portraits of the commissioners to fanart, and they were all a ton of fun. I think my favorite set was a pair of middleschool twins who were walking around with their parents. They both commissioned a fanart piece from me (Konata of Lucky Star, then Lightning of FFXIII) and asked if they could watch me draw 'em. It was so cute gaaaaah! I wish I remembered to take pictures of everything I drew. The one on the right is an OC of Dege's, who ran the artist alley and was responsible for my free table at the con. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dege! It was an incredibly invigorating experience. I am so ready to get back into the swing of drawings comics! ... Right after I study for this test. BAH!

Gonna look into the most cost-efficient-yet-sturdy way to ship posters as well, since I've got some left of all of 'em. Will update you guys on that if I ever figure it out!
Love you guys!