Posted September 28, 2010 at 01:23 am

EDIT: This post has been reformatted into a regular blog post so as not to clog the comic archive :<

Okay first things first:
I will be exhibiting at EXP Con in 2 weeks at St. Augustine California. I'll be selling various anime prints, some pokemon minis, and an all-new KB poster! Which is what you see there.
I wanted to finish it tonight but there's a test I should really be studying for.


For the 2 weeks before EC, KB will be on semi-hiatus. I'll be updating with some of the work I'm doing for class and the con, but no pages. This is partly because I really need some time to make prints; as much as KB means to me, sometimes one has to make a bit of money as it were. I also have some commissions I've been putting off like an arse that I need to get to.
I've also been feeling pretty bad lately about the quality of the pages, especially the shitted out BGs. I think I'm pushing myself too hard for almost nothing, especially since, to be perfectly honest, I've been very slowly losing readers sine around April. It hasn't been that long, but it's a reminder that as important as I make the whole must-update-twice-a-week thing in my own mind, I'm the only one who's going nuts about it. Hopefully a couple weeks will give me some time to work ahead and get my mindset back on track, and over all improve the quality of the comic. And finish some of this GD homework >:|

So that said, check out how weird KB's colors translate to CMYK. The greens are especially challenging. Someday this will be a hassle to deal with when I make books :< Pfff forget books in fact. WHATS WITH THAT ARCHAIC MEDIUM AMIRITE? Webcomics.

And if you happen to live near St. Augustine, please come out and say hi! Especially since they randomly gave me a panel (Which I'm getting switched to a kind of photoshop demonstration) that I'd like to have more than 2 people at, though I'm not holding out for any kind of crowd XD Someone's coming to the con dressed at The Raccoon, so you can gush at them with me!