Posted August 24, 2020 at 05:41 pm

Heya Everyone,

As you've probably noticed, KB updates have been pretty sporadic lately. The next paragraph is going to get into what's been going on on my end, but it's pretty bummery, so feel free to skip it if you just wanna know what's up with the comic!

So some of you already know this, but I recently (at the end of June) moved down to my hometown to help my parents out. This is largely because my dad has a disease that we believe is ALS. There's been some back and forth about whether it's MMN instead, but that's becoming increasingly unlikely. Suffice to say, his condition has progressed very rapidly and things are really rough. I've been going over once a day to help out all I can with stuff they need, but obviously it's a very stressful situation for everyone involved. As a little bonus, we also just found out not long ago that our dog (Henry, who you might know from my twitter) has cancer, and it's gotten bad very fast. We're planning to put him to sleep tomorrow. Obviously a lot of people are going through much worse this year, but all in all I'm not exactly in the most productive mental space lately.

Unfortunately, this has put KB in a position that I really wish it wasn't. It's become a comic I desperately try to finish pages for when I can, but doing so is often like creatively pulling teeth. I want to complete it and bring all these babies home, but it's just been a really bad time to be doing so. Once I stepped back and really looked at things, it was hard to justify continuing updates under these circumstances.

Obviously KB has had hiatuses before, and I'm always extremely grateful to everyone who came back and continued to read it after they ended. We'll get to the finish line, but it will probably be a few months before I'm in the right spot to do so. I'm sorry I waffled back and forth on this for so long with the inconsistent updates, but I hope you understand.

In the meantime, Sleepless Domain will continue its regular updates! I hope this change will be good for it too, with some extra non-guilty time to devote to those pages.

Thank you all for your readership over the years, and we'll be back!! >:0