Posted October 28, 2010 at 08:57 am
Drawing blog is back! Though a bit late, because I managed to turn a 6pm nap into a 6PM-9AM bedtime. Ahahaaaa sleep deprivation.

(Click for larger versions)

Oofa, traditional colors are always hard to scan right. Thus this is probably over- or under-saturated depending on your monitor.
Anyhoo, it's a 11x17 illustration of Steffi and Ben, being at their most intimate, which isn't saying much. My weapon of choice for traditional colors is prisma colored pencils, which I both love and hate for various reasons and past screwups. I'm actually pretty proud of this one though! I may have to mess around coloring some of my smaller pieces of original art.

Speaking of messing around with traditional materials, I've been trying to overcome my fear of brush pens. This ended up with some areas being way too thick and unruly, but eh 'tis experimentation! ... And it is a female version of Ben, yes. 'Cause I felt like it! Female Benzene is named Benzine, geeeeeeet it?

Also Maple the corgi 'cause gffraawwfff so cute dog gonna steal her. Also brush pen.