Posted May 27, 2010 at 12:58 am

As some of you may know, one of my plans for the summer is to create a 30-page sample comic to pitch to Scholastic. I met the man in charge of Scholastic's Graphix line (a relatively new line of comics that includes things like Bone and Amulet) at SCAD's Editor's day, and I was really encouraged to give it a shot.

So what does a girl like me make for a kid-friendly comic? Well a ridiculously cutesy fantasy adventure, of course! The tentative title is "Mango", which is the name of the main character. Some of you from dA know her history but try not to make any assumptions based on it. ;) Namely, she doesn't eat anything to change powers.

So what does this mean for you guys?

Well, I plan to post the pages up once per week as I start making then, in batches of what will hopefully be three to five each time. I don't plan to let this interfere with KB's update schedule, but if things get down to the wire I may have to miss a couple days. But I'm trying not to let that happen again, especially since I am missing my first update ever RIGHT NOW. *sigh*
I'm not sure what day of the week I'll post 'em on, but I'll be sure to announce when it begins. I've gotta plan them all out first! (Which is a first for me, haha.)

So keep an eye on the horizon, 'cause something's coming down the pipe! It's exciting, right? Much more exciting than a page of Steffi coming home and sitting on the couch. (OMG SPOILERS)

Meanwhile, here's a couple more unexplained images! The guy on the flying board won't show up in the pitch, but if the comics gets accepted he'll become the costar!