Posted February 5, 2013 at 04:04 pm
Heya Everybody.
I'll start out with the TL;DR version for convenience's sake:
Temporarily, KB will be updating once a week (on wednesday)

Now for the long version:

As some of you know, this is a very transitional period in my life. I'm out of college and in the middle of trying to figure out how to best support myself monetarily while keeping a maximum amount of time for the things I love to do.

At the moment, that means I've taken on several coloring jobs. Coloring has always been my favorite part of the process, and the fact that people like my stuff enough to pay me to do it to THEIR art brings me some serious joy.
But it also means I have about five things going on right now, which makes it difficult to devote two days a week to drawing my comic.

I want to stress that this is not the beginning of some downward spiral for KB where I eventually abandon it. I know updates have been all over the place time-wise, and it might seem to the layperson that I don't care. KB is still very close to my heart, and I can't wait to show you guys some of the events that are coming up in the story. But it's a very small chunk of my income right now, so at this point I need to prioritize where the money is.
As soon as I get caught up on all this work, KB will resume its normal schedule. At this latest, that will be early March, after Emerald City Comiccon (which I'm excited to exhibit at once again!)

Thank you so much for sticking with the comic despite these ups and downs, and I hope you continue to enjoy it! Nothing brings me more creative satisfaction than people caring about this world I've created. And I'll see you with a new page tomorrow!

Meanwhile, you can always check out my art twice a week on the Trenches, as well as my coloring on Scott's new comic Table Titans.