Posted March 28, 2010 at 02:02 am
This evening, one of the PAX enforcers insisted to me that he'd seen someone cosplaying as Steffi in her Blitz costume walking around the floor. Now I'm going nuts wondering whether this is true. Please, of you are this person, send me an email or tweet or telegram or SOMETHING so I can meet you and give you some original art. It's also possible that this is a ruse meant to confound me, or that someone had a costume similar to Blitz's (though I don't know what character that would be XD ). But I can't live not knowing! I'll probably be hanging out with Scott and Kris tomorrow as long as there's room for me, so stop by bandland if you are this person, or have seen them and taken photos. .... Hopefully I can successfully make this post with my iPhone. I also have no idea how to make a new paragraph like this so I better just end it here. PaAAAAAAAX!