Track 02 – 02
Posted September 8, 2009 at 10:06 pm
Ey, it's the cover page for track 2! This track is named after a song by the Prodigy, which is one of my top three sources for KB-inspiring music. Other popular go-tos include Vocaloids, DDR music, and Daft Punk. Got back from my trip to Savannah, and it was awesome. SCAD seems really neat, and is spread out in historic Savannah, which means alota awesome old buildings and small streets. We happened to run into Tom Lyle, of Spiderman fame! I also met Ian Jay of , who is super awesome and super intimidating for a skinny white guy. Hope I get to befriend many such people once I'm attending SCAD in January.
Deviation Feature Over on my dA for this week I've got a Steffi 'n' Ben dancing, as well as a better view of the picture of Ben from this cover. Check it out, if you haven't seen 'em!