Track 02 – 01
Posted September 7, 2009 at 09:27 pm
Hey guys! Here's the first page of Track 2! The next page is a cover. I'm always really frustrated when coming up with designs for futuristic technology, since I know they'll look outdated within a couple years XD Like the constantly updated Enterprise designs and the ever-changing Rockman.exe PETs D: But Ben has a computer comprised mostly of hand-me-down parts that he's horded, which is also why he has more screens than he actually uses. Meanwhile, I'm headed to Savannah this weekend to check out my prospective college! For those not in the know, I'm planning to attend SCAD to major in Sequential Art, aka comicking. So hopefully what I'm doing here will be more than a silly freetime activity someday! On a tangential note, I'm already hating the really early pages. I was really still figuring out how to work the whole not-pointy-ass-chins-not-chibi style and everyone's kinda.. squashed and odd. I might start a new segment where I... go back and redraw a panel every week. Mostly headshot panels. I can't abide it!! And It's only one panel a week so it doesn't count as a thing-you-shouldn't-do-because-it'll-waste-all-your-time-and-is-a-horrible-idea! I saw you thinking that! OH! And I guess I better make an archive page now 'A'; I'll probably just code it all by hand since the default wordpress ones aren't great and I'm not good with the language. That'll be up sometime in the next day or two. ...And yes in the future people say things like BRB and ATM. Indisputable fact!