Character Poll Results!
Posted January 10, 2012 at 05:18 am
Stuff's been really busy, but I really wanted to get this out so it gets to be a pseudo-update! Here are the results in their entirety: The number that follows is the number of points the character got, so 1 character with 3 points might have been at the top of someone's list or the bottom of 3 people's lists. Chandra/Raccoon - 223 Benzene - 185 42 - 142 Steffi/Blitz - 118 Reed - 105 Gear - 68 Winston - 61 Heinrich - 18 Natalie(The bank manager) - 9 Cho - 7 Flores(aka Battery Face) - 4 Kiwibot - 3 Announcer - 3 Ben's Lab Partner - 3 Jones - 3 Bomb Kid's Big Sister - 1 So congratulation to Chandra for being the MOSTEST POPULAR. I'll be workin' on some bonus material for her in the next book >:3 I also made a donation wallpaper out of a textless version of this image if you're interested! The page also includes a textless version of the track 10 cover image for those who wanted that.
Just don't forget to hit return after you finish to get to the wallpaper page, and email me if anything goes wrong! And thanks in advance if ya choose to donate and also to everyone who voted in the poll! I got so many nice comments in the vote emails with people's OPINIONS on CHARACTERS. It was basically the best and I love you guys. Seeya on Thursday for presumably less cute stuff goin' on!