Posted April 17, 2014 at 10:34 am
Yo guys! First off, I'm so happy to be back to updating KB! For now, the comic will be updating once a week on Friday. However, we're currently working up a buffer so it can move to twice a week as soon as possible.

I say We because, as you might have noticed from the art, I've brought on a collaborator for the first time! The new penciler of KB is Grace Liu, who you might know as Nargyle! Nargyle is seriously one of my favorite artists, period, and it's a huge honor to have her working on KB with me. You are gonna flip when you see some of these upcoming pages! Her style is so animated and expressive, I can't take it! >:0

Meanwhile, I'll continue handling the writing, inks, and colors. So please don't think this in any way means I'm losing interest in working on the comic! Penciling has honestly always been the hardest part for me, so bringing on a talented collaborator to handle that part lets me focus on the stuff I feel more comfortable and skilled at. Plus, it leaves more time for more pages!

Obviously the site could use some updating, and there's also some other items of interest on their way. But for now, welcome back and Happy 5 Years of KB!

And as always, here's some links to things you might be interested in following!:

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