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posted Nov.18.10 at 08:23 pm
Really sorry for the delay on this page! Today's been super hectic helping friends move and preparing to head out myself. Thankfully I'm flying home tomorrow and KB can resume it's TU/TH schedule as planned :< ALSO! I've opened up comments for people without accounts. I just have to approve the first comment you make before it appears, and then all subsequent comments should appear automatically. Hopefully that works as it should XD ...And now I really need to go pack!

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I skipped ahead in the commission queue a bit, ‘cause someone was nice enough to pay me to draw 35!

If you’re unaware, 35 is a character from my comic Kiwi Blitz. She’s nicknamed Sango, which is a way to read 3-5 and also a name that means coral.

I feel like I’ve come a ways artistically since she was last in the comic, so I’m super happy for an excuse to draw her super self-indulgent design again ;3