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Steffi, you literally summoned this by saying things would be okay >:(

Pencils by Grace Liu

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New Site for LSE!

Aug.02.14 03:45 pm

Heya guys! I'm not sure how many of ya already read my Let's Speak English comics, but we just finished making a new site for it over at!

If you're not familiar, it's my journal comic about teaching English and Japan and what a weird person I am.

So if you haven't seen it, you can read it all easily over there! I also post 'em all to my tumblr if you're one of those TUMBLR KIDS.

That's all! Seeya next Friday for another KB!

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I keep imagining an AU where Ran gets shrunk instead of Shinichi.

So Shinichi has to protect Ran but she insists on coming on all his cases because she wants to find those evil organization guys and also help him out. Agasa gives her some of the same gadgets so she can defend herself.

They try to hide her identity from Kogorou but he recognizes her as soon as he sees her because he’s her dad.

Please sentence me to the death known as prison.

v nice imagination haha but then where should ran live? agasa’s house? so shinran are also neighbors and it reminds me of haibara… XDDDD

Ran would live with Kogoro still. I’m imagining a scenario where they have to explain her to Megure or something and Shinichi sets up a story that she’s a daughter Kogoro didn’t know he had from cheating on his wife or something. Kogoro is very not-pleased.

Look I’ve got this shit figured out is ALL I’M SAYING