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Pencils by Grace Liu

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New Site for LSE!

Aug.02.14 03:45 pm

Heya guys! I'm not sure how many of ya already read my Let's Speak English comics, but we just finished making a new site for it over at!

If you're not familiar, it's my journal comic about teaching English and Japan and what a weird person I am.

So if you haven't seen it, you can read it all easily over there! I also post 'em all to my tumblr if you're one of those TUMBLR KIDS.

That's all! Seeya next Friday for another KB!

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My Tumblr

photo from Tumblr

I’m going to a Hitorie concert tomorrow night in Sendai on my way to Tokyo to fly home! They’re the band I saw that made me cry about vocaloids in that one journal comic ;p But now they’ve got their own show, as opposed to sharing with five other bands!

THIS TIME I decided I would come with a present for wowaka in case I got the chance, so hopefully I’ll be able to give him the original of this! It features two of my favorite songs he’s done, the classic Rolling Girl as well as Hitorie’s Antithesis JunkGirl

If nothing else, I’m definitely grabbing the new album and having a bitchin’ concert experience before heading home for the holidays <3