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Pencils by Grace Liu

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New Site for LSE!

Aug.02.14 03:45 pm

Heya guys! I'm not sure how many of ya already read my Let's Speak English comics, but we just finished making a new site for it over at!

If you're not familiar, it's my journal comic about teaching English and Japan and what a weird person I am.

So if you haven't seen it, you can read it all easily over there! I also post 'em all to my tumblr if you're one of those TUMBLR KIDS.

That's all! Seeya next Friday for another KB!

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My Tumblr

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For meeting you, everyone, and myself, I’m truly grateful.

39 (San-Kyuu) is one of those songs that’s almost guaranteed to make me cry, not ‘cause it’s sad (it’s not) but because it just feels so heartfelt and grateful. The vocaloid community is super cute some times, yo.

Unfortunately the title is a whole hard-to-translate thing… Miku’s name can be converted to 3(mi)9(ku), which is why 3/9 is Miku Day. But 3-9 can also be read San-kyuu, as in thankyou.

Listening to it makes me think about my readers and ‘fans’ as well and I get pretty emotional @__@