Track 07-03
Posted January 3, 2011 at 11:14 pm
I changed the Vote Incentive to a large textless version of the cover, which I'm using as my desktop BG right now like a big ol' self-centered dork. I'm amazed we went a whole 6 Tracks without any vocaloid references. WELL NO MORE, PEOPLE! Gumi is by far the most human-sounding vocaloid, And Deco*27 and Akka are like whatttt the best vocaloid team of music video makings. Be sure to watch the MV for extra cheeseball implications. ALSO! Huuuge thanks to Michael of Everblue for featuring my fanart and also making an amazing comic which you should read. And now I'm on my way back to college, aaarfgghh I'm gonna do my best to keep the updates at twice a week. I WON'T BE DEFEATED!