Track 05 – 02
Posted May 25, 2010 at 12:47 am
Gah! Sorry for the delay. This chapter is named for The Warning by Hot Chip, which isn't a very electronicaish song for once, though they tend to use a lot of awesome synth stuff in their work. "Careful" is being saved for a name for a much, much later chapter. I won't lie, it's possible that there will be no update on Thursday. This is the last week of school, and all the time I spent drawing pages has caught up to me and I've got to finish all these finals. I'll do my best, but I might've reached my limit. Luckily I'll be home by Monday and I can get back to always updating on time. ... This is gonna be so akward, especially since nobody generally comments on Cover pages. It'll be like a ghost site for a whole week D: But even if I can't get the page done, there will be an announcement of sorts waiting for you guys on Thursday about a summer project I'll be working on, which I hope will excite you guys as much as I am. OH! I fully agree with HadonVeloren on the discussion in the previous page of comments.