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Posted April 5, 2010 at 11:33 pm
A story from SEQA 100: (If you didn't know, I'm currently attending SCAD and just started in the comics major. Right now I'm in intro and survey, which is basically comics history. This story is about intro.)
Our current project in SEQA100 is to create a comic starring an "odd couple," two characters with opposing appearances and personalities. As a preliminary assignment, we all did pinups of our duos. I did a knight girl and a big wild goat beast thing, partly because I never do western fantasy and partly because why the hell not. When the teacher got to mine, he at one point asked something like "So who are these two characters? I can tell they have some sort of epic story behind them but if you could condense it so the class could-" I ended up interrupting with the fact that I'd just designed them off the top of my head. His immediate reaction was, I swear, a sigh-of-relief style "OH!"
I felt so bad for him. He must have listened through so many bull carp explanations of people who wanted to tell him all about their EPICZOR fantasy they'd been working on for years, despite the fact that this is a TWO PAGE comic assignment. It almost happened with a guy a few turns before mine, who tried to get into the individual backstories of his two characters. I swear, kids these days. Have some respect for people's time :< You can't always deliver your comics to the masses with a thesis attached for context. EDIT: Fixed the ear color problem, you might have to refresh if you already saw the page. Thanks for the catch!