Track 04 – 03
Posted March 9, 2010 at 12:04 am
Official actiontimes start on the next page, which is done and I like it a lot so I hope you do toooo in 2 days. This page isn't super great but that's what you get for not leaving any comments on the cover. Totally your fault. Not a coincidence at all. But also I don't care. Ain't hurtin my feelings. Nope nope. Just talkin' the the void over here, enjoyyyyying myself. EDIT: Pfff I can't believe you guys gave in to my terrorist demands. I am pleased. OH AND I FORGOT. Steffi is adopting a someone bastardized version of the double knife hand block, which was always my favorite block in taekwondo. It ain't martial arts unless you're making knives with your hands!