Track 03 – 15
Posted January 27, 2010 at 09:29 pm
Chase montage! Slightly early update, 'cause bedtime! This is partially part of an attempt to bridge the gap between perceived times for people who read the comic biweekly and people who just started/read it in chunks. For instance, in the previous track, Steffi's battle with the Arachbot lasted weeks, maybe even a few months. But if you go back and read through for the first time, it seemed incredibly short. So... IMPLIED TIME LAPSE. I'm also planning to make some sort of regular blog thing, for a day when I'm not updating the comic. (Probably Monday or Saturday?) It'll either be a Comic/Manga/Anime revue thing, or an art advice/tutorial thing. I'm not quite sure which would interest more people, but I'll have it figured out by next week >: | Feel free to leave preferences or suggestions in the comments, if you've got 'em. Also, check out the TV tropes page a fan made for KB: This is a Link. I'd never really looked at TV tropes before, and now I've spent all night browsing it instead of studying for my exam tomorrow @__@ It's also scary how many of these tags you could put on KB XD