Sep.30.17 at 01:06 am

Heya guys, so as you might have noticed, Friday KB updates have been either horribly timed or not happening.

I really thought I could manage another page per week, but it's been a bit of a tipping point that meant I only had one day of 'weekend' left for getting everything done that isn't my normal comic work. Suffice to say it's been rough on my general mental health and well being.

So as much as I hate to do it so soon, I'm officially moving KB back down to just updating on Monday. I'll try to get some Friday updates in when I can, but I don't want to promise anything more than I can deliver.

I've always struggled with finding that balance between what I feel I should be producing and what I can actually produce while maintaining quality of life. I know several webcartoonists have gone through the same thing. Gigi D.G. of Cucumber Quest has said some really affirming things lately about how important it is to look out for yourself rather than worshipping the concept of 'no missed pages ever'. Obviously, like all things, that mindset can go too far in either direction. But I'm dedicating October to really focusing on figuring some of this stuff out, and nailing down what the proper balance is to keep me both productive and Not Completely Insane.

I really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding, as always! KB's readers, as well as the rest of my followers, have always been incredibly kind to me. I always expect to get some pushback from people who don't understand what I'm struggling with, but I almost never do! It's incredibly uplifting. I love you guys, and I'll do my best to do right by you.

Jun.06.17 at 11:30 pm

Heya guys! So as that one update mentioned, I'll be at A-kon this weekend! I'm at booth 2230 in the artist alley, and I have a panel at 8pm on friday! The panel is mostly focused on LSE, but please come by if you're interested in my work in general!

And next week's KB will probably be another delayed one since I don't get back 'til late sunday, for which I apologize! But there WILL be one unless I catch swine flu or something!!!

Oct.16.16 at 04:28 am

Oh my god, it's been way too long since I made a blog post here! I've gotten so used to updating about stuff on Social Mediaz that I completely neglected this v__v;;

So I just wanted to check in real quick, for anyone that follows KB on RSS or whatnot!

For instance, KB is now currently updating every Monday. Once I have this LSE book finished, I really hope to start ramping back up to twice a week as we move into this final story arc! But I'm a bit too crazy busy for that yet.

Speaking of which, if you haven't read Let's Speak English, it's currently wrapping up! LSE has been my most successful comic so far by a long shot, and I'm really excited about the upcoming book kickstarter. I'm currently working on prepping all the pages and everything!! aaaaaAaaa!

And Sleepless Domain continues to update every tuesday and thursday! I've been really excited by the response to this one too, and I feel like my art has really taken a step up since starting it.

But I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys, specifically, who've continued to read my oldest and longest comic. KB's been with me through so many life changes, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't mostly still draw it for myself. But the fact that some people have stuck with it this long, or gotten into it even this many years after it started, is seriously flattering! I worry that sometimes it might seem like KB takes a backseat to my other projects, which it's occasionally had to for the sake of food and whatnot, but I really do love this comic.

I still plan to finish redrawing those first 2 chapters, and when the comic is all done I want to make a nice big physical omnibus that contains the whole thing! But that's for the future, of course. Right now, just thank you so much for sticking with my doofy children T3T

Nov.21.15 at 10:30 am

Heya guys. If you've been following my general social medianess, this blog post probably won't be too surprising.

The TL;DR Version: KB will be moving to a "when I have time for one" update schedule for the next few months as I focus on other projects and preparing to move back to the US this spring.

Full Version:

God I hate hiatuses. Please believe that no one finds KB's spotty updating more infuriating than me. But as my various responsibilities have piled up, I realized that something had to give if I don't want to drive myself completely insane over this coming winter.

If you're unaware of my other projects, I'm currently teaching English in Japan and drawing comics about it over at Let's Speak English. I also write a magical girl comic called Sleepless Domain, which starting in December will also be drawn by me. Drawing three comics along with a day job is obviously a heavy task, but it's one I was hoping I'd be able to manage. But the more I think about it, the more I realized I should be leaving at least a bit of time to enjoy my last few months in Japan and continue to experience things here without being 100% locked up drawing comics.

KB is and has always been something that's super important to me, and something I 100% plan to finish and release an omnibus of. But with all these responsibilities lately, I feel like I've been pushing out pages I'm not entirely happy with and the comic's been suffering for it. I've also been growing as an artist lately, and I've been wrestling with the inherent style of KB compared to my other work, if that makes sense? It's hard to describe, but it's caused some serious art blockage lately.

My plan is that KB will continue to update occasionally in the meantime, and then move back to a more regular schedule when I'm back in the US after this March. I definitely think the final product will be better for the delay, but know that this is a decision I've made after weeks of frustrated soul searching. Leaving KB feels like leaving my child at a park and hoping it doesn't hurt itself while I'm gone?? But those who've been here for a few years know that it's survived one country switch, and I don't plan to let this one be any different.

Thank you so much to everyone for your constant patience and support. It truly never ceases to amaze me. Stay awesome!

Apr.15.15 at 08:35 am

Heya guys! A couple updates:

First off, if you don't happen to follow my tweets or whatnot, I have a new ongoing project!

I'm currently working on redrawing Track 1 of the comic in my spare time. It's driven me nuts for years that it's so doofily drawn and meandering, and it really sucks for printing with all its ridiculous bright colors. Hopefully the new version will give a fresh perspective on things, and also help new readers jump in without having to suffer first!

It's just seven pages at the moment, but I'll be updating in batches as I finish more! They go up more frequently on the patreon as a bit of a bonus ;)

And if you're wondering why I skipped the first 3 pages before the title... it's because they have that damn arachbot from Track 2 that I'd love to redesign. But I don't wanna do that without redrawing track 2 itself, so that would have to wait for later ;0. AND NO REDRAWS AFTER THAT! I think I hit some kinda stride around track 3 and it's much more bearable. It's just the first two that have always driven me nuts~!

Besides that, I also wanted to note that I've removed comments from the site. Please know that this isn't a result of any real problem with them! Everyone's always been super cool and knowledgeable in the comments here. I just have so many things to keep up with nowadays that I never get time to check and moderate them! >_< I usually find out something's happening from twitter or elsewhere.

If you'd like to comment on individual updates, there's always the Patreon, tumblr posts, twitter, or facebook XD...

And thank you so much to everyone as always for reading the comic and for your support! We're just a few days away from Kiwi Blitz's SIXTH ANNIVERSARY, which is pretty insane when I think about it. Time flies when you're drawing ridiculous webcomics! ;0


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