Jul.20.12 at 07:49 pm

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I'll be at L07! I'll have volumes 1 and 2 there of course, as well as all my other stuff from SDCC! Come see me! I'll give ya a kiss!
(I won't actually kiss you)
Jul.06.12 at 09:07 am
Hey Guys!
For those who'll be attending SDCC, you can find me in the small press area! I'll be splitting a booth with Magnolia Porter of Monster Pulse, where we will be having awesome webcomic galparties. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!
So here's where to find us:

First you gotta find the small press area, which is purple. So when you're walking along and everything turns purple, you're in the correct zone!

Magnolia and I are at booth M-5! Just look for our banners or my green tablecloth, and you should find us somewhere in the giant miasma of humanity that apparently comprises this con!

I'll have books of course, as well as posters and buttons and commissions! So stop by if you'd like to buy something, or just if you'd like to say hi and maybe see if we're still alive!

This is my first time at SDCC in any capacity, so I'm pretty excited and terrified! Seeya guys there!
Jun.09.12 at 09:32 pm
Heya guys! Sorry the site was down from late friday through the middle of saturday. It turns out one of my plugins was causing memory issues and DH blocked my site. However, it's all fixed now thanks to the consummate gentleman Frumph.
He also switched my comicpress system over to comic easel, his newer comic system magical thing. So things look a bit different now! I've gotta tweak it a bit, but what's important is that everything is working now and business can continue as usual :) Well, maybe a bit better than usual!

Sorry again for the site problems! Seeya on Tuesday (for sure this time ;P good to healthy again) for the next page!
Jun.05.12 at 04:46 pm

Heya guys! I just got back from A-Kon yesterday! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and said hi! It was a great time and a lot of fun. I'll definitely try to grab a table again next year!
I posted some photos up on tumblr of both my booth and some of the commissions I did if you're interested.

Unfortunately I got pretty sick at the con, which has made drawing today's KB quite a task! But there will still be a KB on Wednesday and one more properly timed for Thursday. Two KBs a week is still a thing now. Sorry to start it off on such a bad foot but my head is so stuffy right now! Please bear with meeeee
May.30.12 at 02:27 am
EDIT: Converted to Blog post

The image's got most of the relevant info for ya! If you don't follow my tumblr and would like to see the comics I'm more proud of from my final SEQA class, you can read them here and here! (Sadness and Creepiness warnings on those, respectively!)

I gotta hurry and finish preparation and packing for my trip to Dallas, but I will see you on Tuesday! Life's going to get pretty interesting for the next few months as I transition from school kid to adult-type person, but there will definitely be time for more Ks and Bs! Please join me!
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