Feb.23.11 at 10:31 pm
Hey guys! FIRST OFF, LAST DAY FOR PREORDERS! Still waiting on the second Proof, but it should hopefully be here today or tomorrow.
Now then!

Cube here with another draw blo-

What the- OH GOD


Feb.17.11 at 07:01 am

Whoa whoa what's this? Well I guess it's kinda obvious what it is! It's the proof!
I recorded my thoughts on it in this Video if you didn't happen to see the tweet.
I've since gone through and corrected the colors and text and added the bonus material. I hope to have the new proof early next week, in which case I can maybe get the copies in time for ECCC still!

I also tried drawing something in the style I plan to do for AEs on the inside cover, with toning and such. But I decided it would be better to have a blank page at the beginning for these, so I added one in. Haha check out that nonsense pose of laziness. What the heck was I thinkin'?

Speaking of the artist editions, Preorders will probably close in about a week when I get the second proof and (hopefully) can order the first batch of books.

Oh right this should be an art blog day, but I've been drawing a lot of stupid stuff for school that I don't wanna show yet so here's some dogs woof woof. One's a doberman and one's a cocker spaniel! I need to do some more of these because they are very fun :<

Drawing a bunch of cartoon dogs like this is one of those activities I always want to do but never get around to >:| But now I finally started it!?

And I'm not sure I should show you guys this yet, but it's a sprite for an iphone game I'm doing the art for! I'll show you guys more of this when it's done!

Feb.10.11 at 12:14 am

It's time for the return of Cube's art blog, boop!
I'm Booply excited about it!

Here's some Bakemonogatari fanart I finished recently. I wanted to experiment a bit with hatching; I think the result is hit or miss. I really like how Senjougahara (the main girl) turned out though!

The series itself is definitely worth a look, if you like weird supernatural episodic anime. I really liked Kanbaru's story, especially the battle scene near the end. Nadeko's was super effing uncomfortable though and made me mad at the producers 'cause what the hell kind of show did you suddenly decide to make you are gross.

Meanwhile, here's an assignment for a class called "Environments, Props, and Structures." Basically, it's a class where you can't get out of drawing backgrounds :<

For instance, this assignment told us to draw a couple walking down Savannah's local river street in the rain, one holding an umbrella. Then the couple sees some sort of unusual shop, which one pulls the other into. I went with a weather shop, for the buyings of weathers.

This class's current assignment is the main reason I had to switch to one day a week, huzzah! You shall understand why when I post it :<

And just in case you don't happen to visit my deviantArt, here's a picture I drew of Steffi in the middle of my Digital Coloring class.

She's being uncharacteristically cutesy, boop!

Jan.25.11 at 04:24 am


So yeah, school is being... school. AKA lotsa work and not lotsa sleep and a great amount of frustration. There'll be a page up on Thursday for sure, but I might have to go down to once a week depending on how the next weekend goes D:
KB is such a barometer for my life; I really hate when I can't keep it up responsibly >_< Which of course leads to more frustration which leads to sucking more at school work which leads to ohohoho cyclical fail.

Please take this wallpaper of 42 as consolation for my irresponsibility! She seems to be a very divisive character. Sorry to those of you who hate 'er! >.>
Dec.09.10 at 05:42 pm
Okay this is a bit weird, but stick with me!

A good while ago, I was trying to think of things to do for possible donation incentives. I started a kind of commentary version of Track 5, akin to the commentary track on a DVD. The idea was that, if people were interested, I could release a commentary version after the completion of each track for a dollar. Thing is, I kinda gave up on the idea and never finished it until just now. But the latest episode of the Webcomics Weekly podcast got me thinking about stuff like this, so I went ahead and finished it up and zipped it for anyone interested to check it out. It's not much, but please tell me if it seemed like a worthwhile read and I may do these more often! XD

Just click on the image to get to the sendspace page, or click here to download.
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