Mar.17.12 at 01:44 pm

Just an update on ECCC! Here's where I'll be. Please come see me in back-corner-land!

I'll have my usual books and prints, as well as a few copies of the Jack floppies and some new Adventure Time and dog-related prints and buttons! I might also have a new KB print if I can think of a good design by the con. And as always I'll be sketching in books and offering commissions.

So if you live in the Seattle area, please stop by and say hi!
Mar.16.12 at 01:16 am
Hey guys, the next couple weeks are going to be mostly guest strips and updates from the upcoming print volume, 'cause I'll be busy with a few things. But they are interesting things so I thought I'd update you in that regard!

(Left: The design for my 2012 Con banner, which just came in the mail a few days ago!)

So as I've mentioned, this bite is the last page of Volume 2, which will collect Tracks 6-10. Now that all the basic pages are there, it's time for the prep work. This includes:
*Prepping all the pages, including formatting, color corrections and lots of text format corrections for the earlier pages
*Putting together the bonus material, mostly Raccoon-involved as per the character poll results
*Designing and drawing the cover!
*Making some 'catch-up' material for the front, with summaries of the plot and cast.

Besides book prep, Con season is also starting in two weeks! So I've got some buttons and prints still to prepare and other such products. I'm really excited for ECCC and hope to see some of ya there!

Production is also wrapping up on Amulet Volume 5, which I've been doing Flatting work for. So there'll be a few days taken up with final crunch time on that!

Finally, I've got some Sorcery 101 Redo colors to catch up on!

So while that's all going on, I've got some great guest comics lined up and I'll be sharing some of this content as I complete work on it.

I'll also be planning out the next few chapters of KB, 'cause the end of this chapter is kinda the end of the first arc. The next arc has a lot of exciting stuff, and a big new group of villains! I look forward to sharing it with you guys : )
Mar.01.12 at 10:53 am
Haha guys this is going to sound completely ridiculous, but I slept through all of yesterday thanks to a headcold. I'm convinced my body is making up for lost time by giving me ALL SICKNESSES.
So today's KB page will go up pretty late tonight or early tomorrow morning. But it's going up!!

Meanwhile I'll ship out the books for those who ordered the manga-deal-thing this afternoon. Thanks for those who decided to grab one!

Also, I'll be attending A-Kon in Dallas this year! Dragged myself outa bed last night to play the sign-up-as-fast-as-ya-can game. So if you live around Dallas, come see me there!

Back to work aaaaa
Feb.27.12 at 02:19 pm
OFFER NOW CLOSED! I actually ran out of KB books before Manga XD Awaiting my restock order~~
If you ordered a book any time in the past few days, don't worry: you're getting the deal! I'm drawing in 'em right now and will mail 'em out today.
Feb.24.12 at 12:44 pm
This is gonna sound silly, but how the heck do you guys choose avatars for yourselves? When I go into my account profile, there's no option for it. I'm trying to figure out if this is just because it's an administrator account or what.

It's not like I meant to be Gear this whole time >.>
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