Posted February 10, 2011 at 12:14 am

It's time for the return of Cube's art blog, boop!
I'm Booply excited about it!

Here's some Bakemonogatari fanart I finished recently. I wanted to experiment a bit with hatching; I think the result is hit or miss. I really like how Senjougahara (the main girl) turned out though!

The series itself is definitely worth a look, if you like weird supernatural episodic anime. I really liked Kanbaru's story, especially the battle scene near the end. Nadeko's was super effing uncomfortable though and made me mad at the producers 'cause what the hell kind of show did you suddenly decide to make you are gross.

Meanwhile, here's an assignment for a class called "Environments, Props, and Structures." Basically, it's a class where you can't get out of drawing backgrounds :<

For instance, this assignment told us to draw a couple walking down Savannah's local river street in the rain, one holding an umbrella. Then the couple sees some sort of unusual shop, which one pulls the other into. I went with a weather shop, for the buyings of weathers.

This class's current assignment is the main reason I had to switch to one day a week, huzzah! You shall understand why when I post it :<

And just in case you don't happen to visit my deviantArt, here's a picture I drew of Steffi in the middle of my Digital Coloring class.

She's being uncharacteristically cutesy, boop!