Feb.22.13 at 07:09 pm
Heya guys! Once again, I will be exhibiting in the artist alley at Emerald City Comiccon this year! If you'll be in Seattle between March 1st and 3rd, come see me at F-10!
The con floor is friggin' huge this year, so here is a helpful guide to finding me:

I'll have Volumes 1 and 2, along with original art, posters, and buttons! I also take commissions, so if you've ever wanted an original drawing of something specific it's a great time to get one!

ECCC is always one of my favorite shows, so I'm super excited to be attending once again! I'm also in the charity art book Monsters and Dames this year with this piece:

So be sure to pick up a copy from the official ECCC booth if you're there, and feel free to come by and have my sign my page if you'd like!

After the week following the con, I should have enough time to move KB back up to twice a week :) Thanks so much to everyone for your patience and understanding, and I look forward to seeing some of you in Seattle!

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Let’s Speak English #92 - Hashi Hanashi!

There are also many rules unrelated to Dead Things, so you should definitely do a google search and read up before eating around locals in Japan! Though obviously some leniency is usually given to us foreigners ;0

Unrelated, it’s always kinda weird when I draw zoomed in hands in this comic, since they’re so goofy and chibi most of the time xD My typical style hands could not hold them sticks!