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*Sings praises to Grace from the mountaintops*


Pencils by Grace Liu

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New Site!

Jun.30.14 12:45 am

Heya everybody, and welcome to the new Kiwi Blitz site!

It's been five years, but thanks to the good people at Hiveworks, KB finally has a new look! I'd been sitting on this design for a long time, so it feels pretty great to finally have it in practice :)

There's still a few kinks to work out and DNSes to update, but overall everything should be running smoothly! I hope everyone likes the new look, and I'm excited to start updating on this fresh site.

In other news, if you're going to be at Anime Expo, be sure to go see Nargyle there and thank her for the awesome job she's doing! She left me with quite the awesme buffer of pages before heading to LA, and I'm having so much fun working on them <3 And of course buy a little something while you're there ;3

Thanks for stopping by, and seeya again on Friday!

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My Tumblr

photo from Tumblr

More digital painting practice, featuring Akane from Psycho-Pass! I was so excited to find out they’re airing fancied up episodes in preparation for a SECOND SEASON.

Akane is seriously one of my favorite female protagonists ever. She’s naive without being stupid, smart without being omniscient, and is strong in her ability to recover emotionally rather than not feel emotions. WHY IS UROBUCHI SO GOOD AT WRITING GIRLS!?

If you like scifi anime or Philip K Dick, I highly recommend checking Psycho-Pass out. I feel like it got kinda overlooked due to its pulpy premise (but I love its pulpiness <3 <3)

So much to learn about stupid digital painting =__=