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Named for thisasong because I still love it. Glad I finally found a decently subbed version of the mv =3=;;

It's sung by Akiakane, who's also a super talented illustrator. She did the art for the Rolling Girl PV, and also sang a cover of it that's almost TOO EMOTIONAL FOR ME.

*fangushes about obscure shit*

Anyway new page proper on friday of course.

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A Return

Mar.05.15 03:45 pm

Heya guys!

You may have noticed that page 416 has a different style than the previous pages, yet with an oddly familiar look...

To make a long story short, I'm back to pencilling KB myself for now!

Grace got an amazing job opportunity at an animation studio in California. I want to point out that she was perfectly willing to try doing both things at once, because she's the best. But between the move and the general rigors of animation work, I wanted to make sure she wasn't stressing over KB while taking such a huge step in her inevitably successful career! So, for now at least, I've taken pencilling back on. Be sure to keep an eye on places like Grace's tumblr as she continues to make stupidly amazing work in all fields >:0

As for KB itself, I'm a bit nervous to be back in the pencilling saddle! It's definitely always been the hardest part of the process, and I already miss having someone more skilled than me to figure out the hard stuff. But it's been over a year since I last pencilled the comic myself, and I think I've come a long way artistically since then! So I'm excited to show that to you guys, along with all the other stuff I have planned for this comic chapter :>

Thanks for sticking with KB as always, and I hope you enjoy these coming pages!

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Let’s Speak English #64!

They have the salad/dressing, though, and pronounce it the way we say Caesar. They just don’t know the two are related.

And we all have flu maks this time because flu zone was In Effect D;