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posted Feb.04.10 at 12:06 am
I hate nets so much, why didn't I design some sort of future-net D: This page is also kinda funny without the context of the previous page. Oh you can fit through windows. Woooo! I liked all the comments on the last page XD If I wasn't worried about pacing, I'd make a "Choose your own adventure, How will the Raccoon Escape?" Joke page. You'll understand why I ended up choosing this option next week :3 Oh, and there's 2 new original art pieces up on that page. Thanks a ton to the two people who bought one! If you don't follow my dA, there's also colored versions of both of 'em up there: Actually I've been posting a ton of KB stuff up on dA lately if you wanna wade through 'em. Art history and speech class are excellent venues for drawing doodles.

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Let’s Speak English #64!

They have the salad/dressing, though, and pronounce it the way we say Caesar. They just don’t know the two are related.

And we all have flu maks this time because flu zone was In Effect D;