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posted Feb.04.10 at 12:06 am
I hate nets so much, why didn't I design some sort of future-net D: This page is also kinda funny without the context of the previous page. Oh you can fit through windows. Woooo! I liked all the comments on the last page XD If I wasn't worried about pacing, I'd make a "Choose your own adventure, How will the Raccoon Escape?" Joke page. You'll understand why I ended up choosing this option next week :3 Oh, and there's 2 new original art pieces up on that page. Thanks a ton to the two people who bought one! If you don't follow my dA, there's also colored versions of both of 'em up there: Actually I've been posting a ton of KB stuff up on dA lately if you wanna wade through 'em. Art history and speech class are excellent venues for drawing doodles.

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An Ia, to go with that Miku and Gumi

I haven’t drawn Ia much, but she’s definitely one of my favorites in terms of her voicebank. Her design is also super adorable.

She also has her own vita game now! I’m waiting to buy it used or something though, because new Vita games here are the equivalent of 60 bucks T__T Even DS games tend to be priced the same as home console games here.