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posted Oct.21.09 at 09:00 pm
If you like the Beastie Boys, or Daft Punk, or a Japanese group you've never heard of but is awesome called Capsule, you should totally check out this mashup Capsule x Daft Punk x Beastie Boys - Starry Sky YEAH! Remix Been listening to that on loop like crazy, along with the Black Eyed Peas's Let's Get it Started. LGiS's got some super epic parts I didn't appreciate back when the chorus was all popular. The initial build is especially cool. Also something super cool is happening in terms of me connecting with people much cooler than I am. But that's a story for another day. Right now all I can do is revel in my own dorkishness and listen to epic musics. ...I think I'm gonna draw some sort of desktop wallpaper for KB. I gotta channel this ENERGY. Everybody! Everybody! Let's get into it!

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Got some avatar requests for different characters, so here’s set 2! also includin those Alphyses(Alphi) from that one request.

Most of ‘em are edited art but the shyren one is new :0