Track 09-15
posted Nov.15.11 at 09:31 am
I'll be making a more proper blog post about this once I wake back up, but please direct your attention to This Kickstarter for some awesomeness! Suffice to say it's the first time I'll be paid directly for comic pages, and some great webcomic peops are participating!

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Here’s a lil’ samplypreview of the last 3 months of Patreon Wallpapers! June’s just went up today :0

I’ve been having a great time experimenting with these. If you ever have extra money around and want a cool wallpaper, there are available at the $1 level! :0

Though I never want anyone to feel obligated to support my patreon, haha. I’m really thankful that everyone’s been so generous! I just… also realized I hardly ever mention that it exists, which I should probably do once in a while >3>