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posted Jul.19.11 at 01:40 am
As it turns out, I actually rather enjoy making rain. Photoshop, however, does not.

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Megure and Sonoko GETTO!

On Megure: I feel kinda sorry for Megure, ‘cause his essential job is to be “Smarter than Kogoro, but not as smart as Conan”. But I love his design and his constant exasperation. I’m at a point in the manga where Megure is 100% aware of how weird it is that Kogoro is constantly running into murders and it’s slowly driving him nuts. It’s pretty great.

On Sonoko: I effing love Sonoko. She’s basically the biggest Joke Character of the series (besides Genta) and I love that everyone knows it. I just got to the episode that covers the case where she almost gets knife-murdered by the one guy to show romantic interest in her, a situation Conan foresaw due to how crazy it was that anyone would like Sonoko romantically. Being Sonoko is suffering.

But honestly, using Sonoko as the crime solver too often kinda ruins the whole Sleeping Kogoro bit. At some point Ran is just gonna conclude that nobody can figure anything out while seeming conscious.

Thus my Detective Conan Episode Guide is now up to 153!