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posted Aug.23.13 at 03:01 am
Come On Everybody I hate to use two DDR songs in a row, but Dynamite Rave is one of my favorites and is so very KB. I also made a textless wallpaper version if you're into that kind of thing!

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Since it’s the hip thing to do, here’s a plug of my comic for Free Comic Book day! 

Kiwi Blitz is about a young gal in the near future who wants to be a superhero. Mechs, cybernetics, and body mods all play a part, but it’s mostly about kids trying to figure out their place in a rapidly changing world.

KB’s been running for a bit over 6 years and currently has 425 pages. As of this month, it’s now updating every Monday and Friday! You can start reading right here if you’re interested! :0