Apr.23.12 at 05:41 pm

Heya guys! Update on the Volume 2 Situation.
My books all came in last last week from Createspace, and after a few trips to the Post office I've now mailed out all non-artist edition preorders (including combos).
I've also mailed several of the earlier AE orders, and will be working as hard as possible to get the rest out by the end of the week. Thanks so much to everyone who preordered for your support and patience! Once all of these are taken care of, Volume 2 will be added to the store for regular sales.

Seeya on Wednesday for a page that's currently looking pretty awesome if I may say so!

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Let’s Speak English #86!

It’s DEFINITELY a nose in the 2d artwork, but when it comes to the costume… I think someone didn’t get that memo:

He cries out for death, but death never comes.