Posted December 9, 2010 at 05:42 pm
Okay this is a bit weird, but stick with me!

A good while ago, I was trying to think of things to do for possible donation incentives. I started a kind of commentary version of Track 5, akin to the commentary track on a DVD. The idea was that, if people were interested, I could release a commentary version after the completion of each track for a dollar. Thing is, I kinda gave up on the idea and never finished it until just now. But the latest episode of the Webcomics Weekly podcast got me thinking about stuff like this, so I went ahead and finished it up and zipped it for anyone interested to check it out. It's not much, but please tell me if it seemed like a worthwhile read and I may do these more often! XD

Just click on the image to get to the sendspace page, or click here to download.