Aug.01.13 at 08:45 am
Heya Guys!

Since we're between chapters and I'm crazy busy doing commissions and getting ready for Otakon, I was thinking of running some quick Q&A-style comics over the next week.
So basically, I was wondering what general questions you guys might have about the world or the characters. Obviously I won't answer anything that'd be too spoilerific, but I figured this'd be a good time to give a lil' backstory while I draw commissions and make buttons.

So drop me a line here if you have anything in mind! and I'll make a big post about where to find me at Otakon soon.

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#122 - See no Evil

The principal of my wednesday school was really awesome, but also intimidating. He was like your dad that you were always worried you might be disappointing. But he was always super kind, and he stood out front for an hour every morning to greet the kids and help them cross the street T3T

I mean, he might still be the principal there. But staff gets switched up every year so who knows! D;

And the gal on the left is the janitor there, who I slowly became good buds with despite our initial inability to communicate with. She took me to meet her corgi once and gave me a giant cabbage to take home, which IMO is the purest expression of friendship possible.