Posted February 17, 2011 at 07:01 am

Whoa whoa what's this? Well I guess it's kinda obvious what it is! It's the proof!
I recorded my thoughts on it in this Video if you didn't happen to see the tweet.
I've since gone through and corrected the colors and text and added the bonus material. I hope to have the new proof early next week, in which case I can maybe get the copies in time for ECCC still!

I also tried drawing something in the style I plan to do for AEs on the inside cover, with toning and such. But I decided it would be better to have a blank page at the beginning for these, so I added one in. Haha check out that nonsense pose of laziness. What the heck was I thinkin'?

Speaking of the artist editions, Preorders will probably close in about a week when I get the second proof and (hopefully) can order the first batch of books.

Oh right this should be an art blog day, but I've been drawing a lot of stupid stuff for school that I don't wanna show yet so here's some dogs woof woof. One's a doberman and one's a cocker spaniel! I need to do some more of these because they are very fun :<

Drawing a bunch of cartoon dogs like this is one of those activities I always want to do but never get around to >:| But now I finally started it!?

And I'm not sure I should show you guys this yet, but it's a sprite for an iphone game I'm doing the art for! I'll show you guys more of this when it's done!