May.03.12 at 01:57 pm
Heya guys! Just wanted to confirm that I just got back from shipping the last of the AE Vol 2s and bundles! I'll put 'em up for regular sale later, but for now, here's some of my favorite artist editions :3

Some of 'em were specific requests, like "Ben with Winston" and "Vigilante Reed"
Thanks once more to everyone who ordered one! It was great to draw in all of these : )
Apr.23.12 at 05:41 pm

Heya guys! Update on the Volume 2 Situation.
My books all came in last last week from Createspace, and after a few trips to the Post office I've now mailed out all non-artist edition preorders (including combos).
I've also mailed several of the earlier AE orders, and will be working as hard as possible to get the rest out by the end of the week. Thanks so much to everyone who preordered for your support and patience! Once all of these are taken care of, Volume 2 will be added to the store for regular sales.

Seeya on Wednesday for a page that's currently looking pretty awesome if I may say so!
Apr.17.12 at 03:22 am

So if you've been following my twitter, you probably already know that I've been mulling over the idea of reducing KB to once a week for the remainder of the school quarter.
I cannot stress enough how much I hate the idea of doing so, because drawing KB is effing awesome and doing school shit is much less awesome. But this being my last quarter, and quite a doozy of one, I should probably try not to fail anything needlessly!
The good news is that I'm on week 4 out of a 10 week quarter, so the number of updates I'll be missing isn't actually that much! And afterwards I'll be in a bit of cool nebulous time between "school" and "real world" where I might be able to MAKE IT UP TO YOU WITH SOME COOL SHITS.
But for now...

For the following six weeks, KB will be updating once a week on Wednesday. Which means that a proper update will happen tomorrow, for one. Afterwards, things shall resume for serious!
If you're curious what I'm up to meanwhile, my twitter and tumblr are great places to see what I'm doing for school and in my small amounts of spare time.
All the Vol 2 preorder books shipped from the printer on Saturday, so those should also be here any day! I'll be sharing some of those artist editions as I draw 'em, which I plan to do in the most timely manner possible and get 'em out to everybody.

So big apologies for the schedule reduction! But I will see you tomorrow for more ROBOT ANIME I mean Kiwi Blitz!!
Apr.07.12 at 02:41 pm

So while I'm waiting for Createspace to approve the new interior files for Volume 2, I wanted to catch you guys up on Cautionary Fables and Fairytales, the anthology I did that Jack and the Beanstalk comic for.

At ECCC I met with Kel and did all my signatures for the my-signed-versions and everyone-signed-versions, so anyone who ordered the former should be getting those soon!

And if you missed out on the kickstarter but are still interested in readin' some Fairytales, you can now buy the digital or physical version of the book over here!
Apr.06.12 at 01:59 am
Thank you so much to everyone who preordered! I have a few final edits to make to the book, then I'll send off for all the copies tomorrow or saturday!
Meanwhile I can start on some of these Volume 1 sketches and AEs! I'm excited that so many people ordered both together! : D
Thanks again you guys! You make all these late nights worth every minute!
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