Oct.13.12 at 04:11 am

Heya Guys,
As I mentioned in the post under today's comics, KB will be going on a short hiatus as I leave to spend a week in Chicago (graduation trip with my family!)

I hate to take any time off, but I simply haven't had time to work ahead! That being said, the week after this I may be updating with random bonus content as I finally DO work ahead in order to have a buffer for once. I think with the Trenches and other things going on, it's become imperative that I finally get some pages in the can so I'm not always up at ridiculous hours of the night and updating on the same.

The Trenches will still be updating while I am gone, so don't forget to check there Tuesday and Thursday!

Also, if I do take that time in a week for bonus content: What would you like to see? Any particular questions you've been interested in having answered in comics form, or what-if scenarios you've been curious about? If I'm gonna be sketching up some random filler like a doof, we might as well make it intriguing!

Huge apologies for the delay in updates, but I hope to come back swinging with a chapter that I'm very excited to draw >:)
Sep.27.12 at 01:47 pm

If you follow my Tweeters, you might have already heard about some exciting news!

From now on I'll be drawing another Tuesday/Thursday comic, The Trenches! If you aren't already familiar with ze Traunches, it's a comic written by the Penny Arcade guys and my comics dad Scott Kurtz! It's about a group of game testers and the terrifying enterprise that game testing actually is.
Scott's been the artist for the Trenches since it started, but with a lot of projects coming up he wanted someone qualified to take over art duties on this one. We'll see if I turn out to be that person! Suffice to say I'm super excited for the opportunity to work with all these guys on a project like this.

This won't affect KB's update schedule in the future, as I plan to work well ahead on the Trenches. But for this week, things are just starting and I'm trying to learn a whole new style, so please bear with me! This week's second KB update will go up tomorrow, and then we'll return to our regular wonky schedule.

In any case, I can't express how much I look forward to this whole enterprise! If you told me a few years ago that I'd be drawing a comic with Scott, Mike, and Jerry, I would slap you and then laugh and cry until I exploded. Life is pretty fuckin' weird and awesome sometimes.
Sep.06.12 at 12:29 am
Heya guys! My last con of the year is here this weekend!
If you live around the Baltimore area, I'll be at Baltimore Comic-Con!
I'll be boothing with Brad Guigar at the Evil Inc booth, so you can find me here!:

Please stop by and say hi to us! : )
Aug.28.12 at 03:13 am

Heya Guys!
First off, because I've got these two cons in a row, and I've decided to stay sane for once, KB will be updating once a week this and next week, on Wednesday. Thankfully, that's the end of con season for me this year! So I'll have far more time to focus on comic and coloring work afterwards : )
But! On to the info for congoers!

Animefest is this weekend! You can find me in the Artist Alley at table E-10, which is here:

This'll be my first Animefest, but I had a great time at A-kon and I'm super excited for another Dallas convention!

Baltimore Comic-Con, meanwhile, is the weekend after this! I'll be exhibiting at the Evil Inc booth, which constant gentleman Brad Guigar kindly allowed me to split with him! It'll be my first time in the proper Exhibitor area, discounting that time I informally chilled at ECCC with Scott, so I'm pretty excited for it! But I don't happen to have the booth number yet, so I'll be updating with that later.

Once these cons are over I'll be able to do a lot of stuff I've been putting off, like finally putting the store back up with volume 2 and a couple other products! Thanks a ton for hanging in there everybody, and I look forward to meeting some more readers over the next couple weeks!
Aug.09.12 at 06:54 pm
Hey guys! First off, this week's second page is edit gonna be pushed back to tuesday next week. There's just too much going on! But I'll have it done nice and early.

So anyone on twitter or whatnot will know that I've been coloring my friend Scott Kurtz's PVP since Friday It's been a really awesome time, and I've never had more positive feedback from anything I've done.
One effect is that I've gotten a few more coloring opportunities on some other projects, along with the ones I've been working on on the side already like the S101 Redraws.

I love coloring, and I think it's my most solid skill of all things comic and art-related. With myself being out of school now, it's also going to be increasingly important that I find paying gigs and make a living for myself so I can keep doing what I love.

One such gig is an upcoming comic that Scott will be writing and I'll be drawing for Shiftylook, which I'll be sure to post about here when it goes up!

So what does all of this mean for KB? For now, hopefully not a lot! If things get too crazy, I may be forced to reduce my update schedule or go on a short hiatus so I can come back guns blazing. But for now, I think I can still update twice a week. The days may just continue to be a bit off! If at any point I need to reduce my schedule, I'll be sure to tell you.

I'm sorry for the unpredictability of update times, and thank you so much for sticking around and dealing with my shenanigans. KB is still the baby of my heart, and I have so much more to show you guys of this world! If you ever want to know exactly when updates are happening without checking the site, you can always follow my Twitter, tumblr, or facebook for updates any time a strip goes up.
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