May.21.13 at 12:39 am

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After a weekend of Extreme Animes at ACEN, I had no choice but to bring this one up! Can you tell that I like Soundtracks yet?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of my favorite shows, period. It's an anyone-can-die deconstruction (and reconstruction?) of the magical girl genre, and it hits so many notes that are just... perfect.

It didn't hurt that the score was composed by Yuki Kajiura, who's tied with Yoko Kanno for my favorite soundtrack composer. If you watch a lot of anime, you might know her work from .hack//sign or Noir.
Her compositions bring so much emotion to each scene! From the beautifully sad Decretum, to the triumphant Credens Justitiam, to the just plain awesome Pugna Cum Magna. I don't think the show would have been quite the same without her involvement. If I think of any of the big moments from the show, chances are I can remember what song was playing; The two are so perfectly tied together.

Oh, and of course the Ending theme was awesome too. I loved that they hold out on playing it until the third episode, just in case you didn't know what kind of show it was already.

I guess this post doubles as an Anime Recommendation, which is fine by me >:3
May.13.13 at 08:15 pm

Click above for the album's official site

Majora's Mask was another of my favorite N64 games as a kid. People seem to have very mixed opinions on the title, but the overwhelming sense of unease and despair really got to me. The soundtrack was a big part of conveying that mood, from the sorrowful giants' theme to the way Clocktown's theme grew more desperate over time.

So I was pretty damn excited when I found out about this remix album, which recreates some of the more iconic music from the game with a more modern and orchestral sound. Terrible Fate is probably my favorite, with its incorporation of the song of healing and that damn mask salesman's creepy laugh. But I love the whole album, and it's really brought me back to how it felt to play this game as a kid.

It's also FREE! Though if you can, this guy definitely deserves support.
It's just the first of a planned series, and I can't friggin' wait for the next installment. Maybe it'll come sooner if he gets enough funding? But regardless, Time's End is a great product by itself.

Terrible faaaaaaaaate~
May.06.13 at 10:55 am


Neil Voss is a mysterious and illusive creature.
Back in 1997, a game called Tetrisphere was released for the N64. While the word "tetris" doesn't generally intimate badassness, this game was basically the coolest thing ever to me as a kid. Not only was it a fun puzzle game, but it had a kind of dark and ambient mood. Also there were robots. But most importantly, its music was the flippin' best. Tracks like Manic Drum Mix and Phony stayed in my head for years until I finally found a game rip. (And of course, track 4 of KB is named for Phony).
This soundtrack is still one of my favorite albums to work to. I never get bored of rocking out to it, and it's just perfect for keeping me pumped without distracting me with lyrics.

Later I discovered that Voss also did the soundtrack for the New Tetris, another N64 game which I never played. turns out its music is also awesome.

Ever since then, I've seen occasional hints of his continued existence on the internet. He popped up in the credits of a PATV episode and I just about shit myself. He was also present on an OK GO remix album! But if you go to, you're greeted with nothing but an epileptic seizure. What exactly is this guy up to?? Does he still make any albums, or just mysterious small projects on the side? Is there any venue for informing him of how much he influenced you as a youth?? I just don't know! But I know I'll continue to keep an eye out for anything he might get up to in the future.

Apr.29.13 at 10:31 pm
I want to start a regular Monday blog post where I share some of the music that I love, because I've got SO MUCH music that I love and it demands to be shared!
It seemed reasonable to start with a soundtrack that Steffi was actually listening to back in Track 3 of the comic, as a bit of trivia!

Back in high school German class, we watched an interesting movie called Lola Rennt (called Run, Lola, Run in America). The movie is pretty great, and is basically about the butterfly effect and parallel realities.
But what really gripped me at the time was the music. The eponymous Lola spends almost the entire movie on the run, and the soundtrack matches the pace with driving techno. The lyrics are often more of a chant than singing, and... y'know what, I'm not very good at talking about music. It's just awesome.

Unfortunately, it seems impossible to buy the soundtrack digitally (though you can find old CDs on Amazon), so I just... went ahead and stuck the whole thing on Tindeck. For your earholes.

Track 9 is the one Steffi's listening to on that page, and is probably my favorite (though that's a tough call since I love the whole thing)
Mar.12.13 at 06:38 pm
Heya guys!
As I mentioned in the last comic's post, KB is going back to twice a week this week!
But since the Trenches(which I draw) and Table Titans(which I color) run on Tue/Thu, I've decided for the sake of sanity to run KB on WED/FRI instead. So there will be a new KB tomorrow! Followed by another on the fries.
Thanks for your patience everyone, and I'm excited to be picking the pace back up!
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