Apr.17.14 at 10:34 am
Yo guys! First off, I'm so happy to be back to updating KB! For now, the comic will be updating once a week on Friday. However, we're currently working up a buffer so it can move to twice a week as soon as possible.

I say We because, as you might have noticed from the art, I've brought on a collaborator for the first time! The new penciler of KB is Grace Liu, who you might know as Nargyle! Nargyle is seriously one of my favorite artists, period, and it's a huge honor to have her working on KB with me. You are gonna flip when you see some of these upcoming pages! Her style is so animated and expressive, I can't take it! >:0

Meanwhile, I'll continue handling the writing, inks, and colors. So please don't think this in any way means I'm losing interest in working on the comic! Penciling has honestly always been the hardest part for me, so bringing on a talented collaborator to handle that part lets me focus on the stuff I feel more comfortable and skilled at. Plus, it leaves more time for more pages!

Obviously the site could use some updating, and there's also some other items of interest on their way. But for now, welcome back and Happy 5 Years of KB!

And as always, here's some links to things you might be interested in following!:

My Tumblr | Nargyle's Tumblr

My Twitter | Nargyle's Twitter

KB on Facebook

Feb.06.14 at 04:08 am
Heya guys, just wanted to drop a line for anyone who checks the site manually as to what's up.

First off, I can't apologize enough for how sparse updates have been. I mentioned it on tumblr, but basically I've taken on a lot of work recently that's been hard to turn down. Between those jobs and my dayjob teaching, there's just been no time for anything else!

On the plus side, however, taking on work like this allows me to put money away for when I move back to America and return to doing art full time. So the more I save now, the safer my comics projects will be in the future!

That said, I'm still doing my best at the moment to find a balance that lets me take on extra jobs while still producing KB at a rate that isn't The Worst. Trust me, there's no one more frustrated by the lack of pages than myself!

In the meantime, in case you don't follow my tumblr, here's some random KB-related art I've drawn over the past month or so. Trust me, these kids are always on my mind!

Nov.27.13 at 03:56 am
YO! KB is back!

My current situation:
I'm all settled in here in Kurihara, Miyagi. Learning to live on my own in Japan is a bit tough, especially since I don't get my first real paycheck 'til late December. But teaching is a ton of fun and I'm LIVIN' THE DREAM.

I'm still figuring out the best way to balance KB with my teaching work here as well as various coloring jobs I have at the moment. So that said, KB's current update schedule is 'whenever I can finish a page'. This should be at least once a week, but I don't want to make any premature promises.
But coming back to KB definitely feels great, and I can't wait to crank some more pages out!

Meanwhile, if you don't already follow my tumblr, I've started posting journal comics over there about my experiences over here! They're drawn on archaic paper media in my free time between classes : )

Oh! And speaking of black and white comics by me, there's currently a kickstarter running for Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition. I'm pretty darn proud of my piece for the anthology and there's lots of other amazing artists in there! So please consider grabbing a copy through the KS if you like weird folktales from Africa >:3

Thank you to everyone who stuck around during the hiatus, and I can't wait to shove all kinds of comics in your eyeholes!
Oct.01.13 at 09:10 pm
Woof, okay.
Now that October is upon us, I have about half a month left to finish up all my work and prepare for my move to Japan to begin my career as an English ALT.
This includes completion of my African Folktale anthology comic, as well as general packing, training, and other random work.

Meanwhile, the next four or so KB pages are in a group that I would feel horrible going on my moving hiatus in the middle of. You'll understand when you see 'em.

This week I'm going to focus on getting my other work done, hopefully finishing my anthology comic and training. Therefore, there will be no KBs.
If I can get that done, I want to use my remaining time to kick out as many pages as possible to get to that next plot point before I go.

Either way, there's going to be some downtime while I move, train, and settle in in Japan. I'm not sure how long that hiatus will last, as things are going to be pretty crazy for a while. But whenever I have time, you know I'll be back on that Kiwi-horse. KB is pretty darn important to me, and I have no intention of letting it lay fallow for longer than necessary.

If you want to know what's up with the comic at any point, there's several ways to keep updated:
My Twitter Is a good place to see whatever I'm doing and thinking from day to day, as well as knowing whenever I update KB.
My Tumblr Links to any KB updates, and also contains random sketches and art I do as warmups or in my downtime.
Meanwhile, the RSS or the KB Facebook Page are great ways to just know when the comic updates.

Thank you so much to everyone for your patience and support, and for reading my silly comic on the internet. Steffi and the gang definitely have a few more adventures to go before all is said and done.
Aug.05.13 at 12:13 am
Heya KB crew!
As I've mentioned, I'll be at Otakon this weekend!
I'll be at booth K-06 in Artist Alley, as this helpful map details:

I'll have my KB books, a new Monster Girl art book, buttons, posters, and of course original art and commissions at the show!
So come see me and say hi! Otakon is always such a fun show to see and participate in, and I'm excited for my last con showing before moving away for a few years! o3o
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