Oct.08.10 at 12:32 am

So I'm headed off to exp con this morning! Way too excited considering it isn't a huge con or anything, but I feel like it's my first step towards being a money-makin' artist type person~! >:0
KB shall return on Tuesday. I think I am going to stick to just Tuesday updates for a while, with blogs on thursday if you're interested in what I'm up to with comics homework and whatnot.

The four people up there are the four mascots I was asked to design for the con. They're all based on pretty recognizable turn-based strategy RPG classes. There's gonna be a girl dressed as the black mage there! Will show you pictures of course >:0
Oct.05.10 at 03:21 am

Two of the prints I'll be selling at exp con!
The left is the vocaloid Miku, and the right has the main characters from K-On. Why does my fanart turn out so much more professional than my comic stuff?! GAH!

They're both 11x17, with white borders unlike the KB posters which I'm actually printing at 12x18 and cutting down.
I don't like the arbitrary cutoff of white borders, so I tried to keep the BG open to white without making things boring/empty looking. We'll see how well I succeeded when I count my money after the con XD
I'm gonna go get these printed in the afternoon, so I'll have a big ol' pile of posters soon.

Haha I'm pretty excited for my first con. Hopefully I get time for a fourth print before we leave early friday morning. If I do, I'll post it up thursday along with those Exp Con mascots.
Sep.30.10 at 03:54 am

Iiii'm back, but not with a huge update this time.
So here's the finished poster! You might notice that the logo looks different from the one on the banner, which is because it's a new one I made. The old one just doesn't seem quite tight enough, y'know? Plus Brad gave some good advice on Webcomics.com in regards to that negative space between the LI and the W. I stuck it on in RGB so you can see it in full eye-searing glory. I'll be fixing the banner tomorrow.

I'd really like to make some 11x17 borderless versions of this poster, otherwise I'll be doing 11x17 bordered prints. Either way, I'd like to make them available online. I'll just have to figure out the proper pricing and shipping method to get them to you guys. But either way, this is KB's first piece of merchandise! Pretty exciting.

I've also been thinking about moving the comic to once a week for a while. I'll be deciding over the next week or so. Not sure what day is best, but I'd really like more time to get each page right. It might end up being the kind of thing where it's once a week during school and twice/three times a week during breaks. Ideally, I'll be once a week for a while and work on building up a buffer so I can return to twice a week with superior pages later.

Also, good to see posts by some of you who will be at exp con! I'm really excited to meet you guys IRL. I've met a few readers when at places with Scott, but it feels slightly cooler if you're there just to see me (and of course all the other stuff at Exp Con xD ). I'll be at a guest table, so be sure not to look for me at artist alley. Apparently I'm near the entrance kind of, so hopefully you'll see me right away!
Oh, and if you didn't know, I got to design the mascots for Exp Con this year. I'll post those up Tuesday along with some of the prints I'll be making over the weekend :)

Hearts hearts love you guys. Crash time!
Sep.28.10 at 01:23 am

EDIT: This post has been reformatted into a regular blog post so as not to clog the comic archive :<

Okay first things first:
I will be exhibiting at EXP Con in 2 weeks at St. Augustine California. I'll be selling various anime prints, some pokemon minis, and an all-new KB poster! Which is what you see there.
I wanted to finish it tonight but there's a test I should really be studying for.


For the 2 weeks before EC, KB will be on semi-hiatus. I'll be updating with some of the work I'm doing for class and the con, but no pages. This is partly because I really need some time to make prints; as much as KB means to me, sometimes one has to make a bit of money as it were. I also have some commissions I've been putting off like an arse that I need to get to.
I've also been feeling pretty bad lately about the quality of the pages, especially the shitted out BGs. I think I'm pushing myself too hard for almost nothing, especially since, to be perfectly honest, I've been very slowly losing readers sine around April. It hasn't been that long, but it's a reminder that as important as I make the whole must-update-twice-a-week thing in my own mind, I'm the only one who's going nuts about it. Hopefully a couple weeks will give me some time to work ahead and get my mindset back on track, and over all improve the quality of the comic. And finish some of this GD homework >:|

So that said, check out how weird KB's colors translate to CMYK. The greens are especially challenging. Someday this will be a hassle to deal with when I make books :< Pfff forget books in fact. WHATS WITH THAT ARCHAIC MEDIUM AMIRITE? Webcomics.

And if you happen to live near St. Augustine, please come out and say hi! Especially since they randomly gave me a panel (Which I'm getting switched to a kind of photoshop demonstration) that I'd like to have more than 2 people at, though I'm not holding out for any kind of crowd XD Someone's coming to the con dressed at The Raccoon, so you can gush at them with me!
Aug.25.10 at 09:59 pm

If you're a fan of anime, or someone who follows me on twitter, or someone with a dA account, there's a good chance you've already heard about Satoshi Kon's death of pancreatic cancer. There's also a pretty good chance you have no idea who he is, which isn't a crime.

Satoshi Kon was an anime director. His movies include Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paprika. He also directed the TV show Paranoia Agent. He's the kind of person I would call brilliant and my father would call a presumable drug addict. His work dealt a lot with the human mind and how it shapes the world around us, and he did a lot of amazing experimentation with animation to portray this.

My favorite movie I've seen of his is Paprika, which is one of my all-time favorite films. If I were to describe the premise, it may sound startlingly similar to inception: Scientists have created devices that allow them to enter other peoples' dreams. Inception's release actually made me think a lot about Paprika lately, which made Kon's death hit extra hard. But the two are very different films, and Paprika really needs to be seen to be understood. Allow me to point you to the Opening Sequence as a taster.

I can't claim to be the most devoted Satoshi Kon fan. I've never seen Perfect Blue, and I just now obtained Tokyo Godfathers. But even so, his death felt surprisingly like a punch in the gut. It's one of those things that makes me look at my own work (a page of which I interrupted to write this blog post) and think "why the hell aren't you making something more intelligent and amazing than this?" The fact is that now isn't the time; I'm not at a skill level in my writing or art that I could make something like that even if I wanted to. But I've got time, and it's something I'll be working towards.

Millenium Actress
Paranoia Agent

I'm trying to keep this blog post pithy and avoid rambling, so I'll end it with this:
I'm not a religious person, so this isn't a "RIP Satoshi Kon" message. He's already executing on that objective, I'm sure.
I'd say this is more of a recommendation to watch some of his stuff, even if you aren't a fan of anime in general. He really did have a unique voice and style. It's possible that there will still be one more film of his, but there's no telling what state the movie's in until they make an announcement. One can hope.

SK is the first "celebrity" I've ever cried at the death of, but I don't think I cried out of pity for him as much as selfish frustration. He was only 47 years old. We all got short changed.
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