Aug.13.11 at 03:02 pm
The prints I had in the store are now mostly out of stock, but I've got the most popular prints from the summer up there now if you'd like either one!

I'll be working on a new KB one soon~ The old one was getting pretty outdated anyway!

Dogs are Awesome

Pokemon Starters

$10 + $4 shipping

$10 + $4 shipping

Aug.10.11 at 03:21 am

Oh thank god I finally figured this all out!
First off, KB page will be up later tonight(wednesday) and the second page for the week will go up on friday morning! The two updates a week is STILL A THING OKAY.
Now that that's established! Above are the first four pages of mah Jack and the Beanstalk comic which is now finally finished. I'm planning to get some copies printed up, but it looks like it may be a month or so before that's worked out. Meanwhile, I'm offering the digital version for download for $2.99! So if you think the comic looks like a fun read, please check it out!

Jack and the Beanstalk- Digital Edition

A digital PDF of my 26-page comic adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk! Told in a silly and half-serious manner, much like the rest of my comics! Be sure to hit return at the end of the paypal transaction to reach the DL page. Comes with bonus concept art! Just email me if you have any problems with the download and I'll make sure it's sorted out!


Aug.09.11 at 11:51 am
EDIT: Stream is over, but the comic is almost done and will be up in a few hours for your consideration!

Hey Guys! I usually don't post these here for some reason, but I am doing a livestream right now as I finish the rest of this Jack and the Beanstalk comic. KB will update Wednesday and Friday this week in favor of finally getting this bad boy done. Meanwhile, please stop by!
Jul.27.11 at 10:37 pm
Okay, so several things are going on! But I think they're all pretty relevant so please read!

KB will update Thursday next week instead of Tuesday, to give me some time to get home and make the page after Otakon! BUT! After said update, KB will be moving back to twice a week! Finally! So you can expect an update every Tuesday and Thursday from then on.


Speaking of Otakon, well that is coming up in a couple days! So many people I'm excited to meet and hang out with! Especially since I'm going with my friend Tina from SCAD and we're boothing together. I miss you Tina can't wait to see youuuu!

I'll be offering a few new things there, all of which can be seen on the pricing chart to the left. (Click to enlarge of course) You may also notice the $1 preorder thing in the lower right, and wonder what is up with that. Well lemme tell ya!

Jack and the Beanstalk Digital Comic. If you follow my twitter or tumblr, you've seen me give the occasional update and preview of my Jack 'n' the Beanstalk comic I've been working on for a webcomic fairytale anthology. I'm a few solid days of work away from finishing it, so it'll be done about a week after I get back from Otakon. At that time, I'll be sending it off to get some floppies printed for Baltimore Comiccon, but I'll also be selling it as a digital PDF. I settled on a price of $3, which is pretty regular for a comic issue (which it's a bit longer than), and I think is a reasonable amount without being too crazy. You may disagree! I would not fight you. In any case, I thought it would be a nice experiment to see if people are interested in original digital content of this manner. If it works out well, I may try doing something like this for a KB-related project! (It'd be a bonus side-story, don't worry!)
But if you see me at Otakon, I'll be selling a special discounted $1 preorder of the Jack comic, which seemed like an okay idea and is hopefully not too crazy. That way ya pay less and we don't have to bother with paypal fees and whatnot. (I'd just take down the email of anyone who preorders to send out the pdf link once it's done in a few days).

Anyway, time for me to go get a few hours of sleep before my plane flight! If you'll be at Otakon, I'll see you there! If not, seeya thursday!
Jul.09.11 at 10:47 pm
Hey guys! Otakon is coming up fast, so here's where I'll be! Click to enlarge the map.

My booth number is N-12. I'm a bit scared by this layout, so please stop by to comfort my quivering lonely self! I'll have all the stuff I had at AX, plus hopefully a few more things!

Much like AX, this is my first time exhibiting at this con! I'm very excited but also nervous!

So who's coming? :<
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