Jan.11.12 at 05:49 pm

I realized I went a good while without posting about this. Well we reached our goal a few days ago! So if you'd like to get your hands on an early copy, you've got 5 more hours.

And thanks so much to everyone who preordered! I'm really excited to see this book out : )
Jan.03.12 at 08:41 am
I'll be makin' an announcement with the winners once I finish the big fancy SPLASH IMAGE thing for it!
So stop sending in votes already!! XD
Jan.01.12 at 06:57 am
Heya guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great 2011 and is looking forward to 2012! I know it's been an amazing year for KB, thanks to you guys! : )

And if you haven't yet, today is the last day to vote in the character poll. Votes not sent through email aren't being counted by the way, for everyone either posting or reposting theirs in comments D: Why ya tryin' to make my job difficult?

Following is a repost of the poll info:

Just email me at mary@kiwiblitz.com with your three favorite characters like so:
"1. Steffi
2. Benzene
3. Some Other Doucher"
Your first pick gets 3 points, second gets 2, and third gets 1. Whoever ends up with the most points is the WINNING CHARACTER who gets a fabulous vacation to-
I mean, they'll get some extra bonus material to be included in VOLUME 2! And I'll do a big fancy illustration to announce who ranked where, like you might find in one of them Japanese Mayngas.
Oh, and feel free to vote for characters not on that list if you really want to for some reason!
Dec.01.11 at 02:52 am
Heya Guys,
As some of you already know from twitter, Today (thursday the 1st) is my birthday! Partly due to this, but mostly due to the fact that I've got a bunch of work from various sources to catch up on, there won't be a KB page today. But things will return in full force on Tuesday! I'm only mentioning my b-day because YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO BE MAD AT ME ON IT, you see.
As small consolation, here's that pic of Ben I'm still workin' on off and on, if you haven't seen it on mah tumblr:

It's been a great year for both me and KB, so thank you guys for the year-long birthday present of reading my comic!
Seeya on Tuesday, when I'll be TWENTY TWO!! so old.
Nov.27.11 at 09:46 pm
In observance of the ridiculous salesaganza known as Cyber Monday, All KB books and book bundles are $5 off today! These guys reflect the temporary new prices, which'll end early Tuesday! So if you've been thinking of grabbing one or getting one as a gift, now's the best of times.

EDIT: Sale is now over. Huge thanks to those who bought books! I'll be shipping them all out today (tuesday). :3

And a huge thanks to everyone who's preordered Cautionary Fables and Fairy tales so far! It's over halfway to being funded and I'm pretty excited about it!

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