Feb.16.12 at 06:31 am
So I really thought this virus thing was gonna be better by now. But it turns out... that is not the case.
KB will return on Tuesday once my body remembers how food works.

I'll make it up to you guys! Somehows.
Feb.15.12 at 07:37 pm
Heya guys,
I realized I posted these to tumblr and not here, which seems silly. If you'd like to link to my site, I made some buttons in what appears to be the common size for such things:

You should totally follow my Tumblr though. I draw all sorts of random stuff over there that you may enjoy.

If you follow my twitter, meanwhile, you'll know I had some sort of stomach virus or some shit and have been sleepin' all day. Still gonna try to get this page done for tomorrow though! But we'll see what time it ends up completed :X C'mon body, work with me here dammit.
Feb.08.12 at 09:04 pm
Sorry for the double-delayed week, guys. But the next KB pages will go up on Friday morning instead o' thursday.

For those curious what's up, it's no secret that I take antidepressants, which in general have been really helpful and make things pretty great. Thanks to a mix up between CVS and the doctor, though, I went without 'em for a few days this week. Antidepressant withdrawal is a biiiitch, as it turns out. It's not like "oh god I'm EXTRA SAD now", more like I'm nauseous and my head is going bubum bubum. But I've got my meds back and will be evening out tomorrow so it's no big deal. It's just kinda hard to think linearly at the moment!

So I think a day's delay might be better than whatever weird nightmare page I'd produce in this condition. Of course none of this would be a problem if I had a buffer but there's ME for ya!
Meanwhile I'm at least coherent enough to work on some of these colorin' jobs so I'll try to get those out of the way for further future crime adventures.

Why not go read an awesome comic like Gunnerkrigg in the meantime or somethin'!
Feb.07.12 at 06:06 pm
Hey guys, I promise KB is still updating today, well tonight. Really sorry for the (mostly bedrest-related) delay.
Meanwhile, please be placated by my favorite Sleepy Henry pictures.

Good thing I don't have GitS cybernetic eyes that can just take pictures themselves, or you'd have like 50 of these every day.
Jan.17.12 at 01:32 pm

So if you follow my twitter, you probably already know about this little bugger. We just adopted Henry on Saturday. He's a rambunctious little seven-week-old golden retriever puppy! But if you know anything about puppies, he is constantly trying to put all things in his mouth (including my extremities). I've got a page half done, but all things considered I think it's best if I skip one update and put this up on Thursday, so that I may monitor this pup-STOP IT THAT PILLOW IS NOT FOR CHEWING TIMES!

So sorry to miss another update! But we'll be back on Thursday as usual with content stuffs. Meanwhile WHO'S DA SWEETEST WIDDLE BOO BOO BABY HENNY PUPPY WUV *collapses*

Raising a puppy is tiring! I'm all like
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