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Neil Voss is a mysterious and illusive creature.
Back in 1997, a game called Tetrisphere was released for the N64. While the word "tetris" doesn't generally intimate badassness, this game was basically the coolest thing ever to me as a kid. Not only was it a fun puzzle game, but it had a kind of dark and ambient mood. Also there were robots. But most importantly, its music was the flippin' best. Tracks like Manic Drum Mix and Phony stayed in my head for years until I finally found a game rip. (And of course, track 4 of KB is named for Phony).
This soundtrack is still one of my favorite albums to work to. I never get bored of rocking out to it, and it's just perfect for keeping me pumped without distracting me with lyrics.

Later I discovered that Voss also did the soundtrack for the New Tetris, another N64 game which I never played. turns out its music is also awesome.

Ever since then, I've seen occasional hints of his continued existence on the internet. He popped up in the credits of a PATV episode and I just about shit myself. He was also present on an OK GO remix album! But if you go to, you're greeted with nothing but an epileptic seizure. What exactly is this guy up to?? Does he still make any albums, or just mysterious small projects on the side? Is there any venue for informing him of how much he influenced you as a youth?? I just don't know! But I know I'll continue to keep an eye out for anything he might get up to in the future.

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#122 - See no Evil

The principal of my wednesday school was really awesome, but also intimidating. He was like your dad that you were always worried you might be disappointing. But he was always super kind, and he stood out front for an hour every morning to greet the kids and help them cross the street T3T

I mean, he might still be the principal there. But staff gets switched up every year so who knows! D;

And the gal on the left is the janitor there, who I slowly became good buds with despite our initial inability to communicate with. She took me to meet her corgi once and gave me a giant cabbage to take home, which IMO is the purest expression of friendship possible.