Posted November 3, 2010 at 11:24 pm
First things first! I forgot to mention in the comic blog post that I put those KB posters up for sale. I'm also selling leftover K-On and Vocaloid prints from my dA journal, which you can email me if you're interested in. Order while supplies last?! (read: at any time probably)

Kicking off a new drawing blog post with Miss Millia Rage, of Guilty Gear. Drawn traditionally on 11x17 paper and colored digitally. I'm pretty proud of this one!

I'm not a huge fan of fighting games in general, but I love the look and feel of GG. The character designs and music are especially awesome. (Check out Millia's theme, for instance). Nothing like constant rock music and ridiculous anime graphics to draw me to a game! My favorite character is actually May, who I'm working on a picture of right now. Will probably be in the next blog :3

Work in progress on a school assignment! We were given three scenes to choose from to illustrate; I chose a scene involving two detectives looking over a corpse while a crowd gathers. Couldn't resist cameo time, so Reed and Cho have taken up jobs as detectives. ALTERNATE CONTINUITY!?

I've changed some details since scanning this and started inking it already. I'll post the finished version up next time!

Here's an assignment for Drawing for Sequential, a more realistic anatomy-related class taught by Tom Lyle (of Spider Man fame!). Not especially proud of this (I'm aware of the problems with leg lengths and head sizes, baw) but I wanted to show you guys a good reason for why I'm only updating KB once a week nowadays! DAMN THOSE BOOKS!

Aaaand rounding things off with a drawing of good ol' Raccoon. Which you can tell by the date was drawn a while ago and forgotten about.

I've got a lot of half-finished things in my folder, so I'm excited to show you guys some of them when they're finished next week! I hope some of you are enjoying these posts XD Seeya Tuesday for the next KB page!